flickr // daverugby83
flickr // daverugby83
Wikimedia // Creative Commons
Wikimedia // Creative Commons

The Associates at Sadler’s Wells


Last week Sadler’s Wells welcomed patrons to the premiere of its latest offering, The Associates, a specially curated evening featuring a collection of short pieces from three of their associate […]

If bleeding profusely from my vagina every 28 days wasn’t enough…


Apparently I am being taxed for having a uterus! Today I learnt that George Osborne, and many others in government, are of the opinion that the use of tampons and […]

M&S: the Final Fashion Frontier?

M&S // Creative Commons

Marks n Sparks. M&S. The high street store that claims to be ahead of the rest. After a recent purchase, I decided to ponder over the one and only Marks […]

Oscars 2015: The Bad and The Ugly

flickr // daverugby83

Like many film buffs disadvantaged by time differences and a lack of cable TV, I spent the early hours of Monday 23rd trawling through the Internet for my yearly Oscars […]

LFW Little Shilpa AW15: Take a Walk on the Wild Side


The title of the Autumn/Winter collection showcased by Little Shilpa was Feral Nation and rightfully so. The atmosphere in the room was somewhat spectral with a play of lights plunging […]

The Truth About Being a Desi Rascal


There are certain connotations to being a Punjabi in Britain, not many of them particularly positive. There are the usual stereotypes associated with the general South Asian diaspora; we all […]

Pink To Make The Boys Wink: Why Labours Van Might Be A Car Crash

Wikimedia // Creative Commons

Labour’s latest rouse, the little pink van has caused quite a stir. It’s like a scene from The Thick of It, and Harriet Harman is experiencing the unfortunate reality of […]

Egon Schiele: Nudity, Sex, Pornography.

Wikimedia // Creative Commons

Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, sex tape induced popularity of Kim Kardashian, and escalating phenomenon of sexting manifest the pervasiveness of sexuality that, even when very explicit and aggressive, no longer […]

Review: Carl Barat and the Jackals – Let It Reign


It is with great sadness that we see a former trailblazer pass beyond his ephemeral moment, something commonly known as ‘getting on a bit’. Just as nobody who wasn’t a […]


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