10 Things People Say When They Hear You’re Moving to London for University


1. “The problem I’ve found is that once people move to London they don’t come back” (The correct response to that is “Why is that a problem?”) 2. “Bit far […]

QM Creative Talents: Katie Gill


Katie Gill is going into her second year studying English at Queen Mary. She has previously performed her poetry at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth and hopes to continue to perform […]

The Suicide Debate


 “Suicide is for cowards.” “I have no respect for anyone who takes their own life.” Reading these, as reactions to the death of Robin Williams are not what I expected. […]

Scarlett Johansson is Beyond


I thank the heavens for Scarlett Johansson. I thought I glimpsed her while walking in the sunshine this Spring, but it was too bright to see – like an angel. […]

Music Tourists of the World Unite


When I was sixteen, I hatched (what I thought was) an unbeatable, brilliant plan for my future. “Ah, yes!” I thought, “I will study the sciences meticulously for the next decade and […]

10 Fashion Struggles of Being a #smallgirl at QMUL


1) Shopping at Westfield Stratford is a work out Do you really think I can reach that t-shirt that is practically hanging from the ceiling?     2) Being told you look […]

Goals for Goals


I can think of many places I’d prefer to be than my living room when my four brothers and my Dad watch football: next to a sweaty fat guy on […]

Review: Graham Coxon at Roundhouse, August 2nd


Forget how many times you’ve listened to Daman Albarn’s ‘Everyday Robots’ in the last few months and forget what type of cheese Alex James is trying to make right at […]

REVELATIONS: Festival of the Sacred and Profane

Oxford House Theatre Performance Hire 3

It’s no secret that Queen Mary’s Drama department has a penchant for the weird and wonderful; indeed, that’s what grants it much of its excellence. Boasting an impressive concentration of […]