Blood Red Shoes Play an Explosive Set @ Islington Assembly Hall

A cool venue always makes gigs better. Coldplay are rubbish but were slightly less so when I was in a field with one hundred thousand people wearing flashy single-use wristbands […]

Best Styles Star of 2019

E’s People’s Choice Awards saw the public nominate the best dressed star of 2019, crowning the winner as none other than Harry Styles. The other nominees consisted of some worthy […]

Baring It All

Recently I’ve had many discussions on the concepts of girlhood and womanhood. Besides looking at theoretical differences between the two stages of development, a recurring discussion point is makeup, jewellery […]

Film Review: Official Secrets

Whistle blowing movies are now more relevant than ever. Although, it can be difficult to tackle the subject. However, Gavin Hood does a remarkable job in not just capturing the […]

A Green Christmas

A week ago, the Black Friday happened, and it had a huge impact on our earth. My point is not to talk about this day but rather about the Christmas […]

Joseph Merrick: A Skeleton in the University Cupboard

Most of Joseph Merrick’s life sucked. In this he is not alone – life expectancy at his birth, in 1862, was around 40, and his brother died of scarlet fever […]

Remove, Wash and Scrub the Day Away

I am a fan of the frequent avant-garde, editorial, full-glam make-up on a daily basis. You would be amazed if I had any make-up remover left by the end of […]

Everyone Calm Down, Pop is Still Good.

It’s the late 80’s. Whitney just released I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Madonna has shook the world with Like A Virgin. Wham! are at their prime. Freddie Mercury is still […]

Photography Shoot

CUB’s first print edition was a hit and soon there’ll be a second one on campus for Christmas! Along with the wonderfully written articles, there were also a lot of […]