A Tribute to Solo Theatre Trips

For the past four years, I have regularly enjoyed theatre trips completely on my own; initially I had nobody to go with, or was too impatient to find someone willing […]

A Letter to Those Who Think London is Grey and Depressing

I came across a tweet last month which said “I have come to the conclusion that living in London makes me sad and everything is grey…and evil. People always look […]

Start with a Statement

You don’t need a lot of jewellery. Yes, coming from someone who is searching for an even bigger jewellery box because I have too many large pieces, you still don’t […]

Film Review: Is ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ a satisfactory ending to the trilogy?

*Spoiler alerts for the film!* I grew up with Star Wars – most of my childhood years were spent with Star Wars action figures, posters, and movies themselves, so it should […]

Gaslighting- Know the signs

I think the phrase ‘gas lighting’ has been thrown around recently with little historical context or understanding of what it really is or what the signs are if you truly […]

Omai Days: A History of Stan Culture

The Peculiar Past Column: Ever sat down to a succulent meal, let’s say Pizza, and wondered where the ruby red tomatoes adorning your meal came from? How about those potato […]

Birth Control Gap

150 million women take birth control pills. Myself included. However, when you ask these women the side effects of the pill, or ask them about other contraceptive options, over half […]

There’s Something Musical: The Effect of Music on Photography

I started photography six years ago. I stumbled upon it one afternoon as I recovered from a high fever that kept me from going to school that day. I was […]

TV Series Review: The Witcher

This is a review from someone who has not played the games or read the books, but in the interest of impartiality, I have heard secondhand that the books and […]