Hereford Road
Hereford Road

Why Sofar Sounds are taking cities around the world by storm

100 people are packed into a living room in Shoreditch. The crowd are too quiet and well-mannered for this to be a house party, or even an ordinary gig. This […]

Live Review: Wet @ Scala 23/3/16

Ron Backus

I’ve had my eye on Wet since I found their debut EP late at night a couple of years ago while putting off working on an essay. Their The XX crossed with Purity Ring synth […]

In Conversation with: Ady Suleiman

SJM Concerts

After first encountering Ady Suleiman perform a BBC Introducing set at KOKO a couple of months back, Josie Durney was left keen to find out more about this exciting singer […]

IMDb’s Top 250


Many people refer to IMDb’s top 250 films as a reliable source to help them decide what to watch. I entered 2016 with the New Year’s resolution to watch them […]

Politista – Clash of Cultural Civilisations

You don’t need me to tell you that being poor is a burden. Specifically on your financially stable friends, who once so comfortable in the cocoon of their own relative […]

Live Review: LUH @ Electrowerkz 8/3/16

Sonic PR

LUH will never stand alone. The new project from Ellery Roberts of Wu Lyf and Ebony Hoorn, Lost Under Heaven create theatrical heavy pop. Seeing them at Electrowerkz seems to […]

Album Review: Pontus Gunve – IV

Pontus Gunve EPedit

Progressive rock is a genre synonymous with bands bringing in different genres and styles of playing in their music. Despite being known for long-winded improvisational sections, up until now instrumental […]

In Conversation with: Walking on Cars

AMA Music Agency

Nejla chatted to Patrick Sheehy, Soncha Durham and Paul Flannery of Irish band Walking On Cars ahead of their sellout KOKO show. It’s already been a great year for the […]

Awkward…QM students share their 21 most embarrassing sexploits

1. My boyfriend and I were having enthusiastic sex while his mum was out and I put my knee through his bedroom window. We tried to explain it away, but […]