Homemade Pizza


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but summer has arrived. (By arrived, I mean swept in out of nowhere and caused a mini meltdown throughout London, but we wont be […]

The Death of the British Linguist


The truth about Brits is that we don’t speak a second language. Why would we? We’re English. It’s the international language, you know. This same-old attitude of ‘don’t need to, so what’s the point?’ has […]

Zayn Malik Fashion Line


The ‘Mind of Mine’ star has turned his talents to fashion design  From baby-faced One Direction bad boy to broody, R&B pop house, over the past year we’ve witnessed the rebirth of Zayn Malik. Following his infamous […]

Pre-code Cinema: a world of sexual deviance and taboo


Even the most casual film fan knows their fair share of classic movies; whether that be Citizen Kane, It’s a Wonderful Life or a Charlie Chaplin film. But beyond that […]

Shakespeare and the Bourgeoisie? ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the Garrick Theatre


When I booked my tickets to see Rob Stark and Cinderella perform in the GCSE classic, by one of the most overly hyped theatre companies in all of London, it’s […]

Latitude Festival: The Best Three Acts


One of the best aspects about Latitude Festival was that it was incredibly chilled out to the extent that you could be incredibly close to the front even five minutes […]

There May Be A Law Of Attraction After All

header_couple attraction law

When we think of attraction the process probably seems quite random. Yes, everyone eventually figures out whether they have a “type” through trial and error and experience in previous relationships. […]

A Lads holiday. Part 4:

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 15.58.46

Part four marks the first changeover of our holiday. After four days in Amsterdam we moved onto Brussels. Unfortunately, at this point four of our mates had to go home. Mr. Snooze and our Tall Friend (did I […]

Sexting: A Modern Art of Flirtation


Sexting is a modern phenomenon that has come with the birth of our new digital age. It can come in many forms; from a carefully crafted text, a suggestive emoji combination, or […]