A Fresher’s Guide to Living in London

There’s nothing quite like riding the Central line Eastbound at 4:30pm on a weekday to drive home the reality of living in London. The warm, squashed air and the warm, […]

A Guide to the Banker’s World, City of London

I think the City of London (the smallest and oldest borough in London) is underrated. Despite having 23,580 enterprises based in this borough, there are plenty of hidden gems that […]

Stepney’s Green Heart

Wander around the streets of your neighbourhood, walk around 15 minutes down White Horse Lane and you will smell the countryside. Enter by the little door at the beginning of […]

Remote Pollution: The Outer Hebrides

It’s August 2018 and I’m tagging along on my boyfriend’s family holiday to the Outer Hebrides – a set of rugged islands located off the northwest coast of Scotland. Having […]

Break The Chain – Festival Recap & Artist Spotlights

On 28th September, The House of St Barnabus played host to Break the Chain Festival, raising money to help combat homelessness in London. The event brought 12 distinct bands together […]

If You Could Fly

Cottage Not your home anymore. Push, now you’re an Adult, When all you wanna be Is a fairy And fly away From this flesh Binding you To pay bills. Cereal. […]

5 Years of Gone Girl

If you are a fellow university student reading this, you most likely have been born anytime between 1997 and 2001 (if you are an average undergraduate student), meaning you were […]

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2020

Milan Fashion Week has always been a proponent of gracefulness, beauty and a celebration of culture. This season was largely no different, with shows exploring femininity and women within their […]

TIFF Film Thoughts: Part II

Now for three films that will probably get some Oscar buzz. Joker: Whilst I still need time to digest whether I loved this movie or thought it was just okay, […]