Andy Holmes
Andy Holmes

Politista – Let Me Mansplain…

To paraphrase Aaliyah, if there’s ladies in the house let me hear you – now hands up, how many of you have had something mansplained to you in the last, […]

Five rising bands to watch in 2016

Telegram Telegram have been mooching about the London scene for a good few years now but next month the band will finally release their debut album. They’ve toured extensively with […]

Politista – It might be ‘not all men’, but you’re not helping

Any of you feel the familiar tingle of the spine when male friends whose beliefs you didn’t view as harmful casually mention that they see nothing wrong with catcalling and […]

Review: Newton Faulkner – Human Love

It’s been two years but Newton Faulkner is back with a brand new record label, a brand new haircut and a brand new album. The first track and first single, […]

Review: Mac DeMarco – Another One

“Is it true – you’ve been feeling kind of low these days?” Our goofy hero Mac, these days clad in camo dungarees, still clinging to the traditional pack of Viceroys, […]

#Balmaination: Accessible? Or just another fashion line to lust after?

When Kendall Jenner stood on the red carpet on the night of the 2015 Billboard Awards with Oliver Rousteing and announced a new collaboration between H&M and Balmain, #Balmaination was born. […]

Politista – Not That Deep: The Counter-Culture of the Grime Resurgence

On the last night of the winter semester (is it just me who shudders at not calling it a ‘term’ any more?) I braved the end of year fatigue and […]

Benjamin Clementine – At Least for Now: track by track review

At Least for Now is the début album of 2015 Mercury Award winner Benjamin Clementine. Clementine is a North London-raised singer, pianist, and poet. His atypical, non-traditional form makes it […]

In Conversation with: Don Laka

Don Laka is the pseudonym of the South African jazz musician and founder of the first independent black record label in South Africa, Jazmee Records. However, what he is known […]