Alternative and (Everyone’s Favourite) Cheap Places You Must See During Freshers…

For unconventional trips out during the day, aside from the usual touristy landmarks, you can take a stroll in the sunshine (okay probably not sunshine) to the iconic, but nevertheless still stunning parks in London, not only is this the ultimate way to soak up the handsome green areas, but with a large bottle of water it can be just the cure for a hangover too! Speaker’s corner in Hyde Park is the place to go hear inspirational musings, having had people like Karl Marx previously preach there, who knows who you may encounter?

Alternatively if you and your new flat mates are looking for a quieter spot, somewhere to chat or to relax, take a picnic or a bottle of wine to Primrose Hill in Regent’s Park. It’s just the place, it lays a claim to a view of the city you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking to save some cash for other events during fresher’s this is perfect and if you’re brave enough take a Boris bike down, a thirty minute ride is free, so you’d better hurry!

Becoming newly acquainted with London’s glamorous and fast paced style can be difficult for students, but heading down to Leicester square for your favourite film’s premiere and getting a cheeky snap of Mr Clooney himself is definitely the way to do it without blowing the budget! If you feel like indulging yourself after this, Leicester Square also boasts the Hippodrome casino and is surrounded by classy cocktail bars (remember, shaken not stirred) if you feel like executing an impeccably classy evening.

For adventurous eaters, here’s a places you just couldn’t find anywhere else, one of London’s most popular restaurants du jour, Meatliquor. Located just off Oxford Street, you could easily be peeking into Banksy’s bedroom and it certainly provides an alternative approach to dining. With graffiti and eccentric artwork covering the walls, it is effortlessly cool, even the cobwebs are funky!

Don’t be deceived by the kitchen roll and metal meat-wagon style trays the meal is served with, the burgers and fries with original recipes are a far cry from McDonalds. The gourmet burgers, cheesesteaks, loaded fries, wings, and numerous sides are packed with the finest ingredients which make it crowd pleasing food, accompanied by their quirky cocktails (reasonably priced for central London, around £7/£7.50 respectively).  The portions don’t disappoint making it value for money, and with their slogan ‘come hungry, leave drunk’ you know it’s going to be a fun night.

If you’ve had enough of walking around, you’ve eaten enough, and you’ve seen enough sights then it must be time to head out! For a first (and scandalously cheap) night out in central London I’d highly recommend Moonlighting in Soho. On a Wednesday and a Thursday they hold ‘Cheapskates’ and yes, it really is! £1.50 can buy you various spirits and a mixer, or a can of larger, or a small glass of wine. It is fair to say it caters for a tight budget and blasts out an eclectic mix of tunes to suit everyone! (A handy tip, if you’re living on campus, the 25 bus stop is less than a five minute walk away from the club, and drops you at Queen Mary’s gates- how convenient!)

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