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Right now I am escaping the British summer, and am currently in my place of birth, Australia. I though as I am here in Sydney I would share some of the great Aussie tunes from down under mate. Now let me introduce you to this little up-and-coming Australian singer-songwriter Gotye, and his song ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’. JK, Gotye’s so 2011…

I’m going to take all you QM CUB readers on a free trip to Australia, and introduce you to some great mainstream and underground Australian music.

Now, if you are an Aussie then you probably have heard of the Sydney duo Jagwar Ma. For all you who haven’t, Jagwar Ma’s music is inspired by rock/dance, mixed with 60’s psychedelic, mixed with some awesome disco vibes. At the start of the year they realised their debut album Howlin’, which has been going down better then a shrimp on a Barbie, and this is why;

Jagwar Ma has only just recently entered the Aussie music world, but they have already shared the stage with the likes of the Foals, The xx, and they have also played at Glastonbury. These boys will be playing at Bestival this year, so make sure you check them out if you are there. And if you’re not luck enough to be going to Bestival, Jagwar Ma will be touring the UK as of October. Yippieeee.

Let me introduce you to Rattraps. I first heard Rattraps on the amazing Australian radio station triple j (get the app from the iTunes store because they play some really awesome music). Rattraps are electronic DJs from Brisbane, Queensland (the top pointy part of Australia). At the end of July they released their debut electronic tune ‘Satellites’, which is electronic music inspired by hip-hop, i.e. amazing.

Unfortunately for everyone on the other side of the world, Rattraps are still trying to fully establish themselves in Oz, so (sad face) they haven’t got any plans to come over to London yet. But it doesn’t mean we still can’t appreciate their music from the Northern Hemisphere. Head to their Soundcloud, where you can also down load their electronic beats for free (happy face)!

If you like Metal, then you will luuurrvvee this underground Aussie band, Under Scarlet Skies. Coming from Latrobe Valley in Victoria, this new four-pieced Aussie band has a similar sound to Northlane, I Killed the Prom Queen and Bring Me The Horizon. Check out their song ‘Sanctuary’ and have a look at their Facey,

Now this is one of my massive summer 2k13 tooones, because it makes me grin like a shot fox, and also because it’s by a band I have adored since I was in primary school in Melbourne. It’s the beaut Melbourne band The Cat Empire, and their song ‘Steal the Light’, (the video to ‘Steal the Light’ will make any Aussie and Melbournian abroad nostalgic).

The Cat Empire have been around for donkeys years (since 1999), and if you haven’t heard of The Cat Empire then now is your chance to stop living under your rock. The Cat Empire realised their sixth album Steal the Light in May, which means they are on tour and will be in London in October yayarrrr! Check out this great jazz ska band, and their jubilant and fun music (and see them live ASAP, if not sooner).

I finish this Aussie playlist with a crescendo; Matt Corby. Matt Corby is from Oyster Bay in New South Wales, (yes not only does this little Australian town produce great wine, but also this musically gifted boy). Now we can’t judge Mr Corby because he went on Australian Idol (okay we can a little, but he’s so pretty so we can forgive him). Every time I listen to his new song ‘Resolution’ I feel like a 14 year-old girl, and I like to close my eyes and pretend he’s singing about me and to me.

This song I recently have been playing over and over again, and I just can’t stop listening to this beautiful man’s voice. This 22 year-old is one insanely talented young man, who everyone needs to hear. Sadly Matt Corby has just finished his Aus and UK tour, but ladies there is always Google Images and YouTube. I think I’ve found my new love.

 There so many gr8 Australian DJs, singers, bands etc. to write about, but here are some more to check out:

Angus & Julia Stone (folk-blues, and my personal favourite band)

Empire of the Sun (electronic)

Flume (electronic)

Fractures (electronic/ pop sound, sounding similar to SBTRKT, Explosions in the Sky, and Radiohead).

Lady of the Sunshine (has the sexy singer Angus Stone from my fav band Angus & Julia Stone)

Tame Impala (one hella cool psychedelic rock band, who produces some awesome videos!)

The Middle Names (indie, rock band from Hobart, Tasmania- the little island at the bottom of Australia, full of lots of little Tasman Devil’s flying around, exactly like The Looney Tunes).

The Rubens (blues/ soul/ rock band)

I hope this has given your ears a break from listening to Alt-J and Daft Punk.

You’re welcome.

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