Because The Ceiling CAN Hold Us!


Hi, it’s London and it’s getting hot in here so take it up to the roof! We are loving the thirty degree weather by the River Thames, small canals and parks but seriously the party is not here, it’s on the top of the countless buildings in our beautiful, and finally warm city. Whether you’re dancing in the Kensington Rooftop Gardens or on top of that creepy isolated ex-council building, you for a fact know life is so much better with a view.

It is true, we all want to get out of the crowded streets of Central London filled with irritating tourists and the special summer microwave, yes the tube! Basically, ground floor is just off limits, let alone underground! It is also statistically hotter in the congested city than in open areas, such as, well the sky.

Here are a few different places you could cramp yourself in to if you really want the ultimate London experience where you can watch the sunset while drinking a fancy cocktail, beer, tequila shot or whatever and then dance like crazy till sunrise.

1.  Keeping it classy – The Rooftop Kensington Gardens in Kensington High Street is for those who want a classy, luxurious experience of rooftop parties. Overlooking the colourful, scenic Spanish gardens this place has a breathtaking view of nature to offer.

2.  The Cool Retro – Queen of Hoxton in Spitalfields is one of the best places to go to if you want to experience the retro side of London. With special monthly rooftop parties and random film nights all year round it is the ultimate cool, crazy, enigmatic experience London has to offer.

3.  The Summer launcher – One of the popular places in London which only opens in the Summer is The Lambeth in Brixton. Funk, disco and house is your thing? Then you are this rooftop’s thing! Seriously, get up there before the Sun goes to hibernate for another nine months.

4.  The View Obsession – Without even thinking about it, forget about how much there is in your bank account, and go straight to the Radio Rooftop Bar at the ME Hotel, The Strand. Crowded with businessmen and women it’s also a good place to network. But really, the view is amazing and the white sofas and unique architecture makes it even better!

5.  The Non-Drinker yet Shisha addict – Make a trip down to Soho where El Cantara awaits with delicious shisha flavours ready to tingle your insides! It’s small, cosy and great for a day or evening party. For the drinker, it’s okay there is champagne too!

So there you go; the five places for all you unique people! Now if you’re not enjoying yourself on the roof in this thirty degrees heat then I have bad news for you son, I got 99 problems but the roof ain’t one! (I think that is the last of my music puns, apologies, but they were all necessary.) Also, this roof is on FIRE!

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