Summer Lovin!


As England is experiencing this “heatwave”, (but really England is just experiencing summer for the first time in 700 years), what is truly better than having a summer playlist made for you?!

We all know the best thing about the English summer is having a few cheeky shandies accompanied by some summery tunes on Viccy Park. Parks around Britain are currently filled with the buzz of chatter, the smell of freshly mowed lawn, the beautiful smell of sunscreen or the smell of the pale English applying olive oil to their Michael Jackson skin, the smell of undercooked sausages cooking on the £5 disposable Budgens BBQs, and the faint sound of music coming from the group of E3 youths sitting on a park bench near you.

Well what we say here at CUB is, ‘if you can’t be them, join them’! So myself and other CUB members are going to give you the ultimate summer playlist to blast out of you iPhone, whilst you’re sitting in the park getting heat rush/grass rash/sunstroke/melanoma.

My fellow Music editor Nick Cleeve starts us off with his two choices, suggesting Major Lazer’s song ‘You’re No Good’ (feat. Santigold, Vybz Kartel, Danielle Haim & Yasmin)

Nick also suggests (“even if it is a bit dark for summer” as he says) Minora and their Rock anthem ‘Into the Ocean’, after seeing them live at Wintersun.

Features adds the effortlessly sexy due of Robin Thicke and Pharrell to the playlist, commenting “everyone would have to agree this has been a real summer tune”

Columnist Eden Gilby’s loves Breach’s song ‘Jack’, even though the tune is “currently evoking some serious post-holiday blues”.

Music Editor Tim Picton’s summer feel good songs are ‘Counting Days’ by Wild Nothing and ‘Clash the Truth’ by Beach Fossils.

Séan Richardson of PR and Advertising, like me, can’t stop playing HAIM’s hit song ‘Don’t Save Me’.

Joy Wamae (Photography) really like’s Phoenix and their new song ‘Trying To Be Cool’

And finally myself; my current summer anthem would be ‘Alive’ by the Sydney duo Empire of the Sun, as I’m currently in Sydney and these boys are played in every bar, pub or club. The video is also awesome because you just know their on some sort of love drug whilst making it. One more fun fact, vocalist Luke Steele is married to a lady called Snappy Dolphin…

And finally I recommend Crazy P’s chilled song ‘Heartbreaker’ to be played when you’ve either woken up in a crabby mood because you don’t have AC, or when you just need to chill in the garden or by the pool with a cider.

I hope you enjoy these CUB recommendations, (these songs are guaranteed to make you the kool gang on the park, or a money back guarantee*).

*Jokes. I have no money, I’m a student living in London…

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