The Shallow End

Not everyone likes fashion, I know.  But I do, so that’s the most important thing here.  Glad we’ve got over that.  This section is going to take a kindly approach to fashion – it’s going to show you brands you never knew about, talk to people you might have only heard whispered around street corners, but best of all, it’s going to be fun.  Because that’s what fashion should be.

It’s not all black crow-like figures, head to toe in Rive Gauche, or spectacles of haute couture.  It isn’t about Topshop’s ‘NEW IN!’ section, or what stellar bargain you found down the road on Brick Lane.  It’s actually about you.  And you are the most important people to us, here at Cub Fashion.  We like you.  You’re going to read us, laugh at us and hopefully come and join us in the pursuit of fun and friendly fashion.

We are beginning very gently.  You see, there’s this thing called sale shopping.  I don’t know if you’ve heard of it.  I learnt a lesson this week: don’t get too excited.  That ought to be painted on every surface I encounter daily.  ‘Just calm down,’ I told myself, perusing Sophia Webster’s glorious new website.  The colours are hypnotic, the beading entrancing but best all, ‘up to 70% off’.  Shallow, me?  No sir.  But all of that is beside the point.

Following three days of dithering around trying to decide which pastel pair to procure, I caved and went for my first choice.  ‘Why not?’ I asked myself a day later upon their arrival – yes, one day later.  Such good service.  And you know what, it was worth it.  A pair of angelic candy-coloured perspex-fronted heels are mine.  I can walk in them, run in them – Gods truth – and even hot-foot it onto a bus without worrying about toppling from my perch.

I advise you to do the same.  Buy my shoes if you want, but we’ll have to arrange never to wear them together.  Because life is too short for bad shoes.

Photo: Sophia Webster ‘Mimi’ slingbacks, £150,
Photo: Sophia Webster ‘Mimi’ slingbacks, £150,


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