Why is East London So Amazing?

East London is not the best of both worlds but the best of all worlds! This is why I am in love with it, and don’t worry I will give you all my reasons too! Here’s a small guide to the uniqueness of the Eastside.

For me, the Eastside begins at the edge of Liverpool Street but then again from the center of it too. Yes, from the famous Spitalfields market! Located in a sheltered spot surrounded by various cafes and restaurants, such as Wagamamas and Las Iguanas, it’s definitely the ultimate Sunday afternoon place to be! Not as hectic as other markets, has a good crowd, and delicious fresh homemade desserts on sale! Yup, that is totally a well spent Sunday afternoon!

However, if this is a bit too “mainstream” for you then retro lane awaits! Brick lane is quite a crazy street. Depending on which half you start on, it’s gives you your daily dose of weird and unique combinations all on one long street. I usually start off from the end with the vintage boutiques, art galleries and the bars and coffee shops that have quite interesting interiors.

A coffee shop called Brick Lane Coffee (extremely original, I know) sells little African toys, has a huge poster of Charlie Sheen and their most popular drink is the ‘Dirty Sanchez’. I’m sure you get the image of what it’s like. Apart from that, the other end of the street is known as ‘Banglatown’. The best Bangladeshi foods are served at this end of the street, and trust me there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. The Eastern and Western worlds meet on this amazing street, and surprisingly, there is nothing weird about that.

My heels would wander on later to one of the coolest places in London; honestly all the cool people go there. Of course, it is nowhere but Shoreditch! You are without a doubt very cool if you party there. I hope you see how very cool this place is! I will stop with the coolness, but Shoreditch’s bars and rooftop clubs would not. Such as the Queen of Hoxton, it is the place to be to have one of the best nights of your life. But if you are feeling in the mood for tea party slash lady gaga style slash weird place for drinks then 98 Bar and Lounge is your cup of vodka for sure. It’s a world of excitement, live music, opportunity, weird people and a lot of cool vibes!

These days what I call home is Mile End and the Stratford area because it has all the essentials I need! Mile End has Queen Mary of course, but not a lot of delicious places to eat! Among my favourites are Ariana, Nandos, Rama Thai, Golden Fryer (I love the people there), The Orange Room, and The Greedy Cow!

I think the best part about these restaurants is the halal meat they offer due to the wide Muslim population in East London too. Then there is Stratford with Westfield at the foot of my house! The ultimate shopping experience, from Primark to Mulberry! It has everything, even a casino! No need to go central when you have one of the largest shopping Centres right at your doorstep.

Taking a different perspective, and view we come to my last location, which is the classy business district of London, Canary Wharf. There are many reasons why I love this place and it is not only the men in suits. Well maybe it is, I am not sure but it is definitely a bonus. The atmosphere during the day is phenomenal, you can see how important time is to people, I could just watch them all day!

Aside from that, it is the restaurants and bars by the docks which are so appealing such as Temple Bar, a place with delicious Arabic food and shisha is served outside too which is accompanied with a view of the skyscraping buildings! There are jazz bars and classy restaurants all along the docks. A classy and unforgettable night out is what Canary Wharf is popular for.

So before thinking East London is nothing in comparable to West End, make a visit and you will probably never want to go back. Eastside beats Westside any day! Well, for me anyway.

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