London Fashion Week Day 2: Zoe Jordan

I am spectacularly good at being early. I enjoy it, revel in it almost and to all intents and purpose consider it a valuable life skill. And early I was for Zoe Jordan’s 9am show on day two of London Fashion Week, by half an hour. Somerset House at a eye-squinting time of half past eight is in the eye of the storm. Models are backstage, PRs are faffing and the press are (mostly) yet to descend. It is a prime opportunity for observation, the famous people watching skill loved by so many.

By quarter to nine there were girls in mega-heels, clutching miniature clutch bags as they ambled across the cobbles. (Lots of) girls in jeans and Valentino Rockstud courts, a little easier on the floor. Some in tartan, lots of black, and many doing the London just pulled this together, don’t judge me look. This is not New York, the women are not in fur. There is barely a preened, polished, hair to be seen, instead a sea of easy casual looks, with a definitive checks stronghold.

I have had a happy relationship with Zoe Jordan’s collections over the last few seasons. Time after time she has presented international, simply styled collections that feel polished yet unassuming. For that is really what a girl needs.

Her spring/summer 2014 offering did not disappoint. Opening with rose-tinted sportswear – a little reminiscent of yesterday’s Jean-Pierre Braganza, Jordan turned out the first slogan of the day: Zoe Jordan in large hand drawn letters on a simple white tee. This preceded a slew of easy slip dresses – back for another season – over slim leggings, cropped tapered trousers – with and without a reverse sheer panel, a beautiful touch, and angular cut skirts that were carved in a upside down V front and back. It was sporty through and through: chevron shaped were seen against metallic mix backgrounds, a real fusion of texture.

Zoe Jordan Spring Summer RTW 2014 Look 09

Zoe Jordan Spring Summer RTW 2014 Look 25

And the suits, all the suits. Tweedy boucle, pink, red – trousers and skirt – sheer panelled, leather mix, festi-chic tie dye; you name it, she had it. And it was so alluring. The Zoe Jordan girl is never disappoints, but this season she’s just got cooler. And cool is what we aim for, or at least we can try.

Watch the show here:

Video: ForFashionTV

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