High Hopes as 30 Seconds to Mars took to the iTunes Festival Stage

Confetti. Acrobats. Gas masks. Balloons. A hula hoop. And a see-saw. That pretty much sums up the 30 Seconds to Mars gig at Camden’s Roundhouse.

The iTunes Festival is always a tricky one as you can’t guarantee every single audience member is a die-hard fan. However, as someone who was particularly looking forward to hearing their music, I was left disappointed, unfortunately, as lead singer, Jared Leto, felt it more necessary to interact with the audience; giving away free tickets to the concert in November to a lucky few.

Although a nice gesture, calling people on stage seemed more like a way to stall in between songs rather than true audience participation and the show wasn’t without its cheese. Jared’s waving of the Union Jack flag (puh-lease) as well as colourful balloons and confetti raining down on us screamed cliché.

As if this wasn’t enough, the crowd was subjected to men in suits and gas masks jumping up and down on a see-saw in between songs. Random much? Although entertaining enough, I would have personally preferred to hear more music when the band is as awesome as I know 30 Seconds to Mars to be.

However, they didn’t disappoint with the music that they DID play with the classic songs that we all wanted to hear including ‘This is War’ and ‘Search and Destroy’. Leto’s acoustic version of ‘The Kill’ got the swaying lighters out while the final encore of ‘Up in the Air’ got the entire crowd jumping, most of which were on the stage thanks to Leto’s open invitation.

Despite his almost desperate insistence that we all have a good time, (‘I will not stop until you have the best time of your f***ing lives’), it was certainly an entertaining experience…perhaps not in the typical way expected- but hey, for a free show, who can complain right?

Photo: Tasha Mathur
Photo: Tasha Mathur

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