London Fashion Week Day 2: Antipodium

Both of our fashion editors, Eleanor and Daisy went on down to Antipodium’s spring/summer 2014 presentation – here’s what we both had to say…

D says: 

“Antipodium took my LFW virginity and – much like most people’s first times – I left the experience feeling ambivalent towards what had just happened to me.

At 10 AM on this drizzly London morning  I clomped into Somerset House’s ‘The Studio’ to watch my first show. The invite had demanded my ‘Attention Shopper!’ and I gave it. Wholeheartedly, eagerly, I waited, standing beside fellow iPhone brandishing chicas along the checkerboard catwalk. The lights dimmed, Gwen Stefani played, the time was nigh.

Antipodium delivered stick thin pre-teens in blown-out tresses and Bowie-esque eye make-up. The palette consisted of muted pastels with slashes of metallics, neon and sheer fabric (these elements not being mutually exclusive, of course). The cuts and shapes of these pretty hues lay somewhere between the 60’s and 70’s –    hight-waisted, ‘A’ line, full length and then, nearly displaying your Jack-and-Danny.

Despite the Motel-style florals and neon dogtooth prints, which were far from original and scattered across the looks, the show was girlish and sexy. The soft lilac suede two-pieces were set alight with metallic flower embroidery and sheer metallic tea-dresses stole the show. Nice, I thought, but perhaps next time will be better.”

E says:

“Antipodium was grown up fashion for grown up girls. It is a shame the girls didn’t look it. But we weren’t there to scrutinise models, but the clothes. Some were, we conclude, a little naked but D decided this was the best way. Several dream coats were born in the little studio beneath the Strand – a lucious blue mid-calf length a spectacular highlight, followed in close succession by pastel pink, beaded separates with a coat to match.

If fashion shows can be shoppable then Antipodium had me sold. Look out for it on ASOS…”

Watch the show here:

Video: ForFashionTV

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