London Fashion Week Day 2: Ashish

You know what you’re getting with Ashish.  You know it will be sequins, and expensive sequins at that.  The high-vis sequin trousers shown at February autumn/winter 2013 show are retailing on the Browns website for a eye-watering £840 – this isn’t arts and crafts sequins, it’s the real deal.  And this time, on the real deal, Ashish Gupta revealed that there was one thing he liked just as much as sequins.  Coca-Cola.

There has been much talk lately of sloganism – the art of the slogan t-shirt, the branding of collections.  It still feels very recent, and a little awkwardly so.  Alexander Wang’s spring/summer 2013 colection, shown in New York last week, had ‘Parental Advisory’ prints, and ‘WANG’ laser cuts on gloves.  But Ashish’s slogans were not of ‘ASHISH’, but of popular brand names.

Ashish 3
Photo: Ashish at Village Press 

But this evening’s story was simple: girl wakes up after long night, has a hangover, and needs a drink.  Where does she go?  The corner shop.  What does she get?  A bottle of coke.  She’s wearing odd socks, her hair make up is still on – though the girls in today’s show looked perfectly groomed – and everything just looks a little bit haphazard.

Ashish 2
Photo: Ashish at Village Press

In real life, she would not be be-sequinned, of course.  But everything is sequinned for Ashish.  Everything from the art-fully ripped – probably borrowed from a boyfriend – jeans, to the ‘plastic’ shoppers that you’d bring your Coke back in.  Even the sheer fabrics were sequinned, quite the technical feat.

Chloe at Ashish
Photo: Ashish at Village Press

A special mention should go to model Chloe Norgaard who this season, is sporting vibrant green hair. A new colour, for one of the models of the moment. Her look for Ashish matched in colourful complexity, to great whoops from the crowd.

After a long day in the mismatched rain, the BFC tent at Somerset House was roaring with cheers for Ashish, as the final models processed from the runway.  Maybe next season, a little more polish.  Not to the concept, the textures, or the casting, but to the silhouettes.  Perhaps some more structure, to show what he can really do.  But for now, sequins.

Watch the video here:

Video: BritishFashionTV


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