London Fashion Week Day 2: Zeynep Tosun

Zeynep Tosun’s Spring/Summer collection ‘Hidden’ brilliant combines the feminine with masculine. The collection denotes concealed sexuality and merges androgynous shapes with allusive femininity. Luxe silks from smoky greys through to navy blues and candy pinks.

Sportswear shapes are juxtaposed with a 1920’s edge – tassels and frills combined with woven sandals. Yet somehow all of these unlikely combinations fit together perfectly. For me however, it felt as though the pink jarred with the other sultry, flattering colours. Personally I could never pull off a candy pink silk number and I can think of very few people who could.

For me, the collection would have been much smoother and more appealing without the splash of pink thrown in the middle – although it certainly demanded attention. For me the highlight was the gorgeous deep blue fabric adorned with delicate silver embroidery that stole the show, not the puffy pink jacket that screamed too loud to be noticed.

Words by Lizzie Howis

Photo: Fashion156
Photo: Fashion156

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