London Fashion Week Day 3: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days

The sun was shining, I was running late and so was the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Showcase. Freemason’s Hall was full to the brim and filled with an electric atmosphere.

Anna K
Anna K opened the Ukrainian line-up with Motown sass and slow sexy struts. All white organza ruffles and appliqué evolved to incorporate baby blues and stripes – playing with sheer fabrics along the way (in fashion shows this essentially means nipples…lotsa nipples). As colours changed, the music tuned to a circus tune. Shoulders became ballooned and trousers became pantaloons. Anna K achieved both playful proportions and sexy silhouettes. Bon.

 Anton Belinskiy

Belinskiy’s show was young, funk-filled and totally imaginable on the backs of East London’s trendies, not necessarily all to my taste – but brimming with the potential of impact. The opening looks looked like something Salt, Pepper and Spinderella would have worn. Essentially, in the words of David Brent ‘some M.C Hammer shit’. Moving away from the questionable gold lame pieces, Belinsky’s waffle-knit cream jumpers, black and silver tinsel pinafore dress and billowing trench coats were as fresh as putting broad-rimmed hats in the same show as sports street wear. These clothes should come with a warning: do not wear unless you are down-right, ballsy cool.

Lera Leshchova
Leshchova’s opening music threatened to take us into a ‘Fantastic, Plastic World’. Whilst I’m not sure it quite transported me there, it was a pleasant enough place where I ended up. Chrome asymmetric necklaces wrapped around the slender necks of the models. 80s power dressing very much came into play with strong shoulders and clean draping giving way to plunging necklines and straight up-down dresses. The palette was very much muted in white and a cappuccino pink. Detailing in metallic bronze unfortunately became a little repetitive as the show continued though the uber-cool music kept the hipsters interested.


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