London Fashion Week Day 4: Ji Cheng Sheme

I’ve never been to a runway show before, yet alone one at London Fashion Week.  Whilst I was bemused by some individuals – ahem, a certain Commes de Garcons rabbit ensemble – and a shirt worn back to front, I was a fan of the vibe.

Monday afternoon’s show, a collaboration between Chinese designer Ji Cheng and Sheme, a trio of designers, was an arguably predictable but lovely collection.  Think a classic ensemble: dresses, playsuits and jackets all with Asian overtones, particularly floral.

The show began with a short introductory video, picturing what can only be described as a Geisha being soothed by a long haired Asian fellow. This created a sense of drama that was strengthened by a strong DJ mix which sounded like it had ben lifted straight out of Thom Yorke’s head.

Then entered the models. Their make-up aped that of the video, with bold printed-on eyebrows, and an almost Chinese-Dorothy feel about them. Reflecting the concept that this is an ‘East meets West’ collection, all bar two of the models were Caucasian. I feel this is relevant to note, as it was the first and last models who were Asian, which gave an unnecessary kind of bookend, as to almost lend some kind of genuineness to the feel of the show.

Whilst my knowledge of womenswear is maybe not the strongest, I loved the flowing, fitted silhouettes and the airy, easy look of the clothes. Think dressed up nighties, done in an incredibly elegant way. The  safe colour palette worked well; there was a large use of white dresses and sheer shirts, punctuated with red floral prints, and the standard black and greys.

Ji Cheng and Sheme created something quite lovely.  Alluringly, I could see people I know in the clothes.  The show wasn’t necessarily about sending an artistic message; it was about showing consumers what they could be wearing next summer.

Photo: Fashion156

Words by Tom Grace


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