Campus Style: Week 1, Day 1

BREAKING NEWS! A very exciting new feature has touched down at Cub Style. It’s Campus Style time. Don’t be scared, it’s not you guys hanging  outside the library in the pouring rain, running away from photographers, having just rolled out of bed. We don’t want to ambush anyone and, thinking it would be nice to class it up, we’ve asked real people – just like you! – to  take part. The lucky bunch, from both Queen Mary and Barts will share with you a week in their wardrobe. It’s nice, isn’t it, nosying into other people’s  closets… or at least our Editor thought so.

The first Campus Style victim challenger is final year English and European Law student Anna Freund. Originally from Vienna, Anna says her style is classic and traditional. ‘I like to invest in great piece, and buy really  fashionable things cheaply. [In Austria] they think “I’m fashion forward but here they think I’m normal.’ Sounds good, right? Oh, and she doesn’t like bodycon and loves Anna Wintour, so she’s my NFP (new favourite person). Check out  her style here, and keep checking back to see her week in outfits.

Day 1:
Skirt: old school uniform
Top: Camaieu
Scarf: fabric store
Shoes: Le Petit Chou

Anna day 1a

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