Fall Out Boy Announce Their New Record, PAX•AM Days

Last year, after a hiatus that began in 2009, Fall Out Boy triumphantly returned with the album, Save Rock and Roll. Despite the album’s title, many noted how it seemed to offer a more mainstream experience than previous FOB records, featuring guest vocals and more electronic elements. Not that this was bad thing of course, and from a personal perspective, Save Rock and Roll was an album that I actually really enjoyed. However, the difference was noticeable and fans who may have found the album not necessarily to their taste may be pleased to hear of the band’s next release.

PAX•AM Days will be released digitally on 15th of October. It will comprise of eight new songs, produced by Ryan Adams and recorded over a two day period. Though anticipated as a brand new record by Rolling Stone, the band asserted on their Facebook page that it was merely “a collection of songs we did for fun”, comparing it  to a mixtape. However it is referred to, eight new Fall Out Boy songs can only be a good thing.

The band have already revealed one of the songs that will appear on PAX•AM Days, titled ‘Love, Sex, Death’, accompanied by a video made up of footage shot on one of their recent tours. If this song is indicative of the other seven then we can expect something that is much more stripped down and raw than any of the songs off Save Rock and Roll.

Alongside its digital release, PAX•AM Days can be purchased as part of a physical two-disc CD set which also contains Save Rock and Roll. Fall Out Boy will also start a European Tour in March of 2014, including seven stops in the UK, playing at Wembley Arena on the 20th March.

Fall Out Boy Pax. Am image by Chloe Chaplin
Fall Out Boy Pax. Am image by Chloe Chaplin

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