Five Reasons to Ditch Glastonbury and Make an Appointment with The Green Man

Deep in the heart of the Brecon Beacons lies the home of a small festival that is so unique in its location, audience and atmosphere that it would be a ruddy shame to ignore it. For ten years Green Man Festival has displayed some of the best upcoming music to grace the planet, as well as never failing to show off some of the best headlining artists imaginable. After returning from my second trip to the mountains, I felt it my duty to highlight why any festival lover should drop all plans for next summer and give this hidden gem a go.

1. It’s beautiful
This is undoubtedly one of the most striking features of the festival. Tucked away among the Welsh Black Mountains, the River Usk and the endless green wilderness; Green Man Festival provides a backdrop that many commercial festivals can only dream of. Finally we have a festival that’s not only compelling musically but also visually- and it’s completely natural. The stunning beauty of Glanusk Park combined with equally beautiful music creates an experience you will never forget.

2. The atmosphere is one of a kind
The breathtaking scenery is not the only factor behind Green Man Festival’s magical ambience. The people are friendly – and when I say this, I mean really friendly. Attending this summer with my family, I relied on meeting new people if I wanted to stay out all hours with the company of someone other than my mother. It’s always easy to make friends at festivals, but it’s effortless here. Better still, since Green Man is seeping with a passionate love for music and nothing but good vibes, drunken scraps and tent bonfires just don’t happen.

3. You will find some great new music
The majority of Green Man’s performers are up and coming artists; fresh to the ears and just waiting to be discovered. This year was no exception – London based singer songwriter Annie Eve displayed some dreamy vocals and guitar that are guaranteed to take the alternative folk scene by storm in the near future. Girls Names were another great discovery of the weekend – you should have a look at them as soon as possible if you haven’t tried them before. Their singles “Hypnotic Regression” and “The New Life” will spice up your playlist if you are thirsty for a bit of something new.

4. The party doesn’t stop at 11pm
Unlike many popular music festivals set in residential areas, Green Man Festival has a 24 hour music licence. This means that the headliners perform later into the night, so no need to feel a disappointing anti-climax at 11pm when all the music is wrapped up and over. It also means that other bands and DJs continue to play into the early hours of the morning. Perfect for any keen party animal that hasn’t quite danced themselves tired by the time the main stage is closed.

5. It goes out with a bang
Each year an oversized interpretation of the Green Man figure is built from branches and greenery and is ritually burnt to a crisp on the final night of the weekend. Wishful campers are encouraged to write down their dreams and attach it to the Green Man before it is set alight in order for their wishes to come true. The bonfire is accompanied by an impressive fireworks display, creating a perfect cadence for what is always guaranteed to be a magical weekend.
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Photo by Hannah Sargeant
Image by Hannah Sargeant

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