Spoiled for Choice as Haim and Many Others Take to the iTunes Stage

Photo: Tasha Mathur
Photo: Tasha Mathur

Having already been to see 30 Seconds to Mars and Kendrick Lamar for the iTunes Festival earlier this week (my lucky year!) it is safe to say that I was most spoiled tonight. While the other two nights consisted of just one supporting act each, we were blessed with three amazing supporting acts, not to mention the awesome Haim to top it off. For a ticket, we were able to enjoy the likes of British singer and songwriter, Dan Croll, up and coming singer Bipolar Sunshine and singer/songwriter (and amazing musician), Gabrielle Aplin.

It is safe to say that the act that stood out for me was the quiet and humble Gabrielle Aplin. Not having heard much of her music before, I was pleasantly surprised by her soulful, folksy voice that left me wondering why she didn’t headline her own show this year. iTunes…make it happen! Switching between an acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboard whilst beautifully singing songs such as Home and Please Don’t Say You Love Me, I was entirely captivated by Aplin’s voice.

Not needing to hype up the crowd, her voice and music naturally drew in the crowd, creating a close connection between her and us. Her covers of Power of Love (featured on the John Lewis Christmas advert) and Fleetwood Mac’s You Can Go Your Own Way got the crowd singing along assuring that she gained a lot of new fans tonight.

However, Bipolar Sunshine’s performance wasn’t as well received as many weren’t aware of who they were with very little dialogue or introduction from the singer. Although the music was interesting, it was difficult to connect or interact as they simply played song after song before abruptly leaving the stage.

But of course, the main attraction was Haim and there was no way these three chicks were going to let us forget that. Arriving on stage with a big build up to their trademark song, Falling, the crowd were fully ready to rock out, singing the the lyrics word for word from the first bar. You could immediately feel the close bond between the sisters as they shared stories of happenings in their flat as if this was a casual Saturday night amongst friends.

But that’s not to say the vibe was calm…oh no…the crowd were madly rocking along with the girls and getting beer thrown over me twice didn’t stop me from joining in with them. Despite their presence being absolutely everywhere these days…it was refreshing to see three chicks hardcore rocking it out on stage. Their energy was immense and showed no signs of dying out. We hope it never does!

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