CUB Guilty Pleasures Season: Bring It On (2000)

If you were to explain the plot of Bring It On, it would sound purely like a painful tween movie about cheerleaders, boyfriends and cliché American high school dramas. However, it’s so much more than that.

It’s witty, ironic and charming, making this film an ultimate guilty pleasure. The stigmas surrounding this movie make it seems like a generic chick flick, but surprisingly, it’s fun and easy to watch- especially as it humorously spoofs the world of cheerleading. Its clever mix of clichés and a witty script have turned it into something more of a cult classic amongst teens.

The movie’s lead star is a very young looking Kirsten Dunst as the captain of a cheerleading squad in an affluent suburb of San Diego. -Note they have a ridiculously amazing school unlike many of the grim institutions we have today. Anyway, all hell breaks loose when Dunst realises the previous captain, Big Red has been copying cheers from a “ghetto” school in East Compton.

Not very surprisingly the Compton team aren’t very happy about this- especially “cause they’re better at it”, and now intend to knock Dunst’s team out of the top spot at ‘nationals’ (this big competition where loads of schools who are all seemingly professional gymnasts/cheerleaders compete to win a massive trophy– crazy times!).

So, that’s the gist, but, obviously there have to be several sub plots that help the film become the iconic early noughties teen flick it is i.e. Dunst having a ‘thang’ with her best friend’s brother, Cliff (who is a babe and writes her a song on a cassette tape -best moment of the movie in my eyes), there’s the ‘enemy’ who gets her comeuppance, in this case ex-captain Big Red, for copying those cheer routines, and the totes dramatic major fall out between the two leading protagonists Dunst, as Torrence, and her best mate Missy (played by Eliza Duschku), Missy is Cliffs sister- just to add some more flavour to the pot.

However, despite its lightweight, ‘seen it all before’, slim substance plot line, it’s incredibly fun and definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. What makes the film even greater is the awesome cheer routines that are actually genuinely well-choreographed and show cheerleading in a new light- gone are the pompoms and football games, instead Bring it On reflects the slick acrobatics and intense dance routines that modern cheerleading now consists of.

Inevitably there are plenty of ‘get stuck in your head’ cheers (I SAID BRR, IT’S COLD IN HERE, I SAID THERE MUST BE SOME TOROS IN THE ATMOSPHERE- you know the one), and a pretty sick soundtrack consisting of early noughties dance music.

So basically, don’t believe the bad hype as it is a genuinely good watch. It’s got impressive dancing, great songs, comedy, that witty script and some pretty fit girls and guys- the winning combination to a guilty pleasure. So, if you haven’t seen it before I highly recommend that you do, because you will not regret it! The slight twist at the end of who’s going to win ‘Nationals’, is intense and only gives you another reason to watch it- who is going to win, the mighty-mighty Toros or the East Compton Clovers?!

Poster design by Crew Creative Advertising.  Universal Pictures c,  all rights reserved.
Poster design: Crew Creative Advertising. Universal Pictures (c) all rights reserved.

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