If Swing Is Your Thing…

Image: Reed George. www.flickr.com/photos/27723551@N08
Image: Reed George. www.flickr.com/photos/27723551@N08

Stockings, swing skirts and suits with braces, this is not quite the normal Shoreditch uniform but then and again this is not quite your normal Wednesday night out in Shoreditch.

Every second Wednesday of the month, Down for the Count storms Bar Music Hall Shoreditch and transforms the room into a speakeasy of jazz era glamour; there’s music, there’s dancing and most importantly the moonshine flows to make the aforementioned activities even easier.

Down for the Count are a ten-piece swing orchestra, filled to the brim with super-talented musicians not that much older than us students. Specialising in jazz from the 1930s – 1950s you are guaranteed to hear classic jazz sounding fresh and fabulous, and this arrangement with Bar Music Hall means you can go out dancing for the night, with people just as young and exciting as yourself, and still get back home to Mile End with ease.

To make November’s Shoreditch Swing Out even more lucrative, it ties in with the launch of Down for the Count’s new studio album, which will be sold on the night for 20% cheaper than normal. If you, like myself, love the idea of swing but don’t know how to, then listening to the CD on your iPod is definitely the same as practicing so you’ll be even better for the next time you down some wine and don your dancing shoes.

Don’t let the idea of themed costume put you off though; dressing up is not compulsory and there are as many people in jeans as there are in jitterbug gear. And if you don’t think swing is your thing, there are lessons beforehand for just a fiver, kindly provided by The Swing Patrol. There’s also more than enough people who knowing how to dance and will kindly take you for a spin.

There’s enough people swinging out on the floor and sat in the booths for you not to look out of place whatever takes your fancy, so be sure to get your jazz hands on and get on down to the Shoreditch (sort of) speak-easy for a night of swing, drinking and maybe some dancing.

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