The not-so funny parody

Image: Achim Hepp.
Image: Achim Hepp.

When the ‘Comme des F*ckdown’ caps & beanies came onto the New York scene last year, people loved them. ‘Fashionistas’ adored the irony and play on ‘Comme des Garcons’ and to others less ‘in the know’ the slogan remained a witty play on words. The use of profanity in a streetwear slogan will apparently almost guarantee success. Credit to Ruslan Karablin and his label SSUR for coming up with the slogan, it was brilliant. ‘Was’ being the operative word. The ensuing tirade of imitators, however, herein collectively referred to as the ‘parody’ scene, really needs to just eff off; the joke has been and gone.

‘Homies’, Hermes, ‘Ballin’, Balmain, ‘Benzo’, Kenzo are just some of the ridiculous tops that can be seen bobbing down London’s high streets. This is an almost exhaustive list of tat. If I see another ‘There ain’t no Laurent without Yves’ top I might cry. Add to this the plethora of awful streetwear brands currently enjoying the limelight, such as ‘Dope Chef’ and ‘Trill’ ,  well… they are pretty dire. The question to be asked here is why and how have these brands persisted?

Finance accounts for another reason for this staying power. While the actual Hermes tee might set you back £200, you can pick up the Homies equivalent for sixty-odd. This is flawed, however, as the whole point is satirical; they poke fun at high fashion. I feel this ironiy is lost on the common consumer, and that people buy into the fad because it’s allegedly hot right now.

With fads and fashions, there are people who simply stay too long. They’re the 7am Stragglers at a house party, still having a few when everyone else has disappeared to greener pastures. The inebriate first-years having the lights turned on on them at 2am Monday night Drapers. The one night stand who is still in your bed when you come back from your 10am lecture.
One hopes that this parody fad will just disappear in the coming months; or else be vanquished out of sight and out of mind.

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