Image: Pandemonia 99
Image: Pandemonia 99

She’s been featured in everything from i-D to The Independent. She’s graced the front rows of Fashion Week for some time now. She’s a 7ft fashion phenomenon. Papped by the best, admired by the most famous, shocking pedestrians everywhere. Cool, glamorous and *ahem* plastic, CUB interviews the work of art that is Pandemonia.

What’s the idea behind Pandemonia?

Pandemonia is a multi layered piece of work that explores the body in relation to the new media landscape. Pandemonia transcends both the real and virtual. She exists in the physical world and on the pages of glossy magazines.

Who is your style inspiration?

The classic

If you had to wear the outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That would be a recipe for a very drab existence. Life is all about change.

You’ve had a lot of experiences through being Pandemonia, what’s been the highlight?

I have had many adventures , Baku and Sao Paulo spring to mind. I could talk about the VIP life etc. The most amazing experience is to be able to cross the social divide to be accepted from beggars to billionaires.

Do you think your fame says anything about the fashion industry?

Yes, it unravels the relationship between fashion and the press. The Press and Fashion have different objectives. The Press like stories. Pandemonia works like a blank canvas allowing them to incorporate her into different narratives.

Does Pandemonia have any glamorous family?

Yes! Snowy my dog. Everyone loves him.

Can we expect to see Pandemonia around for the foreseeable future?

Yes, lots of things are in the pipe line.

Is the person behind Pandemonia important?

No, I am mearly the author of the work. When you read a book say the Brothers Karamazov you don’t need to know what Dostoyevsky looks like or what he does, it is irrelevant.

What is important is what the public do with the work how they interact with it. Through photographs and write-ups it is the public that create Pandemonia.

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