Say my name, say my name.

Is Katie Hopkins right? Yes. By yes I mean with my great granddad, Princess Anne and Sarah Palin- by right, I mean right wing. However this is not the issue I am contending here, I have ample respectful for most political beliefs across the spectrum, and as my Nan used to say ‘it wouldn’t do if we were all the same, would it?’ My issue with Katie Hopkins and her beliefs is that they tend to attack those who haven’t even formed their own beliefs, children- not to mention the fact she becomes personal, inappropriate and insensitive (and have I mentioned she seems to go out of her way to humiliate those who are in opposition to her using these same methods?) Oh yes let us not forget that it seems she only displays these so-called beliefs when she needs to throw some fuel on the media career fire.

Katie Hopkins may be one of the most bigoted people I have had the misfortune to sit and watch. Other than inducing intense apoplectic feelings in almost everyone, what is it she is actually qualified in doing and so to discuss? After doing a little research on her, it is not the origins of children’s names, child obesity or even methods in parenting a baby. Why is it then, that she is employed onto television programmes to discuss all these topics when she has no mandate in doing so? After realising she was unsuccessful on three reality TV shows and organising her wedding through a television programme, what she really craves is quite clearly media attention.

After a little more research I found that her ‘Business woman’ status, that she uses to justify many of her arguments- neglecting her children on their birthday being one (and celebrating this with them for her, is being ‘over emotional’) is just as invalid as her stance and as a paediatrician, or anything else she shouts about. As the only shareholder and director of her business ‘Katie Hopkins Limited’ she is responsible for the company’s net loss since 2009, and June last year the company had a net worth of –£11,927 without turnover. Oh Dear Katie.

I know all this is a little delayed, but after seeing her utter callousness at the time of the horrendous helicopter crash in Scotland, it got me to thinking, why do we endure her? Yes she is ‘controversial’ and often manages to make me wince when listening to her. But her tweet about the
crash ‘Life expectancy in Scotland based 07/ 08 birth is 59.5. Goodness me. That lot will do anything to avoid working until retirement’ comes with appalling timing and she almost dismisses the calamity. With some people suggesting this is a racial, and quite rightly an altogether despicable comment it appears she will enter very dangerous territory in order to be provocative, and cause a reaction to encourage this caricature she portrays herself as; Lady Tabatha wearing wellingtons and a fox around her neck with right wing controversial comments (and no Katie, I don’t have an issue with the name Tabatha).

Occasionally she raises some valid points surrounding issues we should be debating, such as what we should do about one in ten children aged four, entering school is already obese. This needs combatting, but not by psychologically damaging a child with her overwhelmingly obtuse
methods. When this is pointed out in arguments or whenever she is faced with facts or statistics opposing her opinion she simply retaliates with personal jibes. I am incredibly tired of her receiving air time. Exasperated. Irritated. P****d off. I am bored of watching a thirty-eight year old woman utilising playground politics on television where these serious debates should be conducted by qualified people with a passion and knowledge in each area.

This is a woman who agrees with implementing a class system at school based on the name of a child, restricting the opinions and experiences of her own children due to her prudish belief that a ‘Brandon’ (which happens to be my brother’s name) ‘Hasn’t done the homework, will always rock up late and has the mother signing in, reason for being late: running late.’ I can tell you for nothing Katie that those are the last things my working class parents would allow. Education, mainly mine and my brothers was absolutely paramount to them, even if they do not fall into a certain wage bracket.

I know that by writing this article itself I am perhaps powering her position, but this will be the last time I shall discuss Katie Hopkins, she is now an unwelcome subject, I guess a lot like thrush, I know she will keep itching at people, but hopefully she will just disappear…

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