20 Things you are bound to get annoyed by on the tube

Image: Tom Page
Image: Tom Page www.flickr.com/photos/tompagenet/
  1. People who don’t move down the carriage
  2. A row of people reading the Evening Standard.
  3. Someone throwing up before a night out.
  4. A homeless man singing Bob Marley and George Michael songs
  5. People overtaking you
  6. A lot of irritated, annoyed, impatient Londoners
  7. People standing on the wrong side of the escalators
  8. That irritating person who hasn’t topped up their oyster and delays everyone else
  9. The gross person eating Burger King/McDonalds on a packed train
  10. That annoying person who doesn’t know how to use the ticket machines
  11.  Creepy old man heavily breathing on you during rush hour
  12.  People who don’t give their seat up for old people and pregnant women
  13. Delays on the District, and Hammersmith and City lines
  14. People with a lot of luggage
  15. People with a lot of shopping
  16. Having to stand on the tube from Oxford Circus to Newbury Park
  17.  Rats, mice, a lot of them
  18. The drunk man who is trying to have a conversation with you
  19.  Extremely happy people
  20. Getting on the wrong train, falling asleep and ending up in Morden

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