Sub Luna City, City Rivims MK1: Genuine Hip Hop from SE London

City Rivims MK 1 is beats, it’s rapping with class and a sweet mixtape for your ears. Involved in the Sub Luna City project, are Edgar the Beatmaker (Archy Marshall aka King Krule), Ragofoot, Jadasea and the co-producer Black Mack. Undeniably, these are four South Londoners that have rhythm and beats flowing in their veins. The 11-song mixtape has a distinctive feature of jazzy sounds and the samplings in the background create a nocturnal atmosphere, while vocals vary from the clever rhymes of Ragofoot to the smoothness of Jadasea.

‘She Whispered In My Ear’ is my favorite track, really chilled out and perfect as a soundtrack for a lazy afternoon. ‘Weed and Warfare’ has the sharpest words and poetic associations, while ‘2 Cats’ gives the listener a post-dubstep electric shock. ‘Smooth Ride’ provides a remarkable interlude to the mixtape and Edgar the Beatmaker spits out some dreamy verses leading the way to ‘Salamander Passage’.

We are extremely fortunate to be spectators to the rise of a new wave of passionate musicians and artists. Last weekend I went to New Cross for an event organized by Steez, assisting with the performances of several artists- here was proof that the community of South East London swarms with talent.

One of my favorite acts of the night was Soundbytz, a beatboxer that is an expert in producing dirty beats. It is also worth mentioning Myriad Forest, a five-piece band that makes intense live electronic music. Their sax was just amazing. The night climaxed with Sub Luna City and their beats were so infectious that I could not stop dancing. Black Mack was on the deck and Rago stepped on the stage followed by Jadasea, ready to vibe. Their rapping was both genuine and engaging and all around the warmth of the community was palpable. Well done to Steez for organizing it.

In short, get into Sub Luna City.

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