Totem, ‘See-Saw Girl’

One of the greatest ways to find some amazing London and British music is through
following who Moshi Moshi Records are signing, and albums their producing. So whenever I
am super bored of all my iTune’s music, I will check out what my good ol’ pal Moshi Moshi
are up to. This is how I came across some hidden British gems, such as Fimber Bravo,
Fiction, Summer Camp and Tom William’s & the Boat. Having signed the likes of Hot Chip,
Slow Club, Bloc Party, Florence and the Machine, Architecture in Helsinki, Matt and Kim,
Disclosure, Friendly Fires, and Lykke Li, Moshi Moshi sure have one hella cool archive of
signed bands. This is why when I came across their latest hot property, Totem, I knew I would
fall in love with this three-piece band from Shepard’s Bush.

Having been sent Totem’s debut single ‘See-Saw Girl’ by their lovely PR manager Jonathan
Murray, my ears where taken back to the 70s where alt-pop-punk dominated London.
Although ‘See-Saw Girl’ isn’t filled with the classic rage punk rockers like the Sex Pistols
expressed in the late 70s, Totem have harness back to their punk roots through niggling guitar
and bass, and low vocals particularly reminiscent of the Buzzcocks or Wire. ‘See-Saw Girl’ is
a perfect introduction to the musical world for these three Londoners, as it demonstrates their
ability to make any foot wiggle or hip wave through the energy that oozes through their

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