Connan Mockasin @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Image: Melanie Moran
Image: Melanie Moran

It is great that there is someone like Connan Mockasin who exists today, in a music world dominated by auto tuning and awful bass drops (Pitbull and ‘Timber’ really say it all). Recently Australia and New Zealand have been dominated with the creations of a new hybrid of neo-psychodelic, dream pop music, as seen with Tame Impala, Jagwar Ma and Connan Mockasin. What makes Connan’s music so endearing is the fact that this New Zealander is not afraid to sing about choades or dolphin loving – truly winning lyrics!

In the lead up to the gig, I wondered how well Connan’s psychedelic pop rock would translate to his sold out crowd that night at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this bleached-blonde Kiwi because of the gratitude he expressed to  his surprisingly huge fan base that night. Although Connan’s acid-prog sound is trippy and mystical, his music is however unoriginal. At times during the gig, I felt like I had heard a lot of his song before on any of my The Beatles, The Flower Pot Men, or Tame Impala’s albums. There were plenty of people on their phones checking their emails and Instagram; Connan failed to keep myself and many other fans terribly interested and engaged through his lack of stage presents and crowd pleasing. Maybe he was nervous about playing to such a big crowd, in big scary London?

My advice to anyone wanting to see Connan live; save your money on a ticket, and buy his album and just play his music really loud in your bedroom swaying a little bit. There you have it folks, it’s the exact same experience as seeing Connan Mockasin live.

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