February’s First Love

I have a new love. We’re in the idyllic stages of romance, the can’t-shake-it-off, never let me go kind of stage. You know the drill. We can’t be parted. Its arms fit nicely around my waist, holding me until I am content. It compliments my eyes, goes with everything. My new love and I seem so well bonded that it’s a wonder we were ever apart.

Are you ready to vom yet? Thought so. Fooled you though, my new love is gingham. Hah! Boys come and go (mainly the latter), but gingham is here to stay. And I’m all for a sprinkling of sartorial lust, for gingham is the perfect spring addition.

There’s a real something about checks; dark and gloomy like Saint Laurent and it’s all about sex, but light and airy on primary coloured gingham and they’re a little whimsical. They look great on boys too; guy in a blue checked shirt and chinos, uh-huh. It’s win win, with checks. Gingham-style, they’re all Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, trundling you down the Yellow Brick Road, Toto in had because they make you want to skip. Skip, I say! And now it’s February – apologies by the way, for our petit siesta but fashion and January had a little falling out – gingham is just the thing. My first piece – at least, my first new piece – is black and white, controversial in a wardrobe full of navy and bottle green. But the checks convert the horror of black into a soft dream world of farmery fancy; the urban density is broken up with waif-like, angelic white.

I know you must be yawning by now. All of this because of some checks? It’s not like they’re new or anything, is it? Well, no. But with spring and slightly brighter days in tow – she says, writing Carrie Bradshaw style, legs up in the air with the sun pouring through an open city window – it’s time for a shake up. My legs won’t be bared in gingham just yet – let’s give it until March, yeah? – but I’m all for pretending it’s the fairer months already. That’s the gingham effect, it’s reminiscent of sunnier times, and climes.

So hop aboard the farmer’s wagon, for you’ll be seeing a lot more of the checked stuff in the next few months. Right now there’s a lot of blacks and greys popping into the gingham mix – if you’re not convinced just yet, hold out for the pastels. They’re a-coming, mark my word. But if you can’t wait – and really, why should you? – Topshop are doing a cracking trade in February checks right now for you to indulge in. My first piece certainly won’t be my last.

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