The five best pizzas in East London

OK, so there isn’t much text that can go along with this, other than my opinion on what makes a damn good pizza, and where I think you should go to get it.

So, here goes:

1)     Lauriston Arms, Victoria Park Village– 2 for £10 during weekdays, delicious toppings, nice atmosphere, decent sizes and made in a genuine firewood oven. Get ham and mushroom.

2)     La Forchetta– I tell everyone and anyone about this uninspiring looking Italian restaurant on Bethnal Green Road. Massive, authentic, delicious pizzas, a huge range of toppings. They do take-away and all the pizzas are under £8.

3)     Italina– More suitable for a classy meal out for two at this small Italian restaurant on Cambridge Heath Road. Really relaxed vibe and for a decent restaurant is pretty reasonable.

4)     Pizza East– trendy, lively pizza place in the heart of Shoreditch. Decent-ish prices, good looking staff and yummy pizza. Ideal for an ‘early stages’ date or a post-essay treat.

5)     Mario’s Pizza (go on Just Eat)- if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it. Good for takeaway pizza, cheap deals, and the best bit? They deliver until 3 am on Sunday mornings. 3 am. Has saved more than a few drunken nights.

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