London Fashion Week Day 2: Antipodium

1921972_10202264456926030_1937959264_nAntipodium is every girl’s dream. Okay maybe not every single girl, but it’s as sure as hell mine.

Nestled in the bottom of the ICA which was finally looking sunnier in the middle of what had been a very rainy day, Antipodium took a few breaths away.

The music was bop-worthy, beginning with a mix of Kylie’s Come Into My World, something I took great pains during the show to accurately determine.

The show opened with an orange fleece teddy bear coat, all wrapped up in a belt, and topped with a furry necker. The next look, a prim and proper cardigan, all done up spun designer Geoffrey Finch’s take to the land of the school girl. A selection of brilliant polo necks followed, each looking as cosy as the next and ideal for the wish list.

For the second time (that I’ve seen) today, the girls’ hair was plaited and messy, a little devil may care. But that’s the Antipodium girl, she’s cool and collected. She’s not so fussed about her hair; I mean, why would you be? In the pursuit of anti-glamour fashion, Antipodium has it down pat. Feather-topped heels and socks took the foot fall, the best display of socks and sandals seen this weekend.

The distinctly grey-neon-orange palette had some sheer up it’s sleeve too as the back of a delicate skirt, styled over a mini for extra sass. And the sass didn’t stop there: a yellow quilted bomber and semi-pleated skirts continued the pattern unless a black fleece coat popped back in the enjoy the party. And such a varied, beautiful party it was too.

Top marks, Geoffrey Finch. Having just taken up residence at Topshop, this can only bode well. The audience sent a handful of whoops and cheers to him when it was his turn to step onto the runway: very well earned indeed.

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