London Fashion Week Day 2: John Rocha

1958275_10202263921712650_232657025_nToday was my first time at a John Rocha show, my first time seeing the hype up close and personal (ish). The selected cast of Made in Chelsea were there, chilling on the front row, blinding everyone in Block A with thanks to the thousands of photographers camped out next to them. The tabloids will have a field day I’m sure: ‘not quite real celebrity at fashion week’. What a coup.

Anyway, we were there in our soggy scores to see clothes, not reality television stars. The show opened into the big white BFC tent – the one I said yesterday had shrunk, now at last season’s capacity again – with ruffles, a theme that would continue throughout. Ruffles on headpieces, on dresses, on tops. Rocha goes ruffle-mad!

The mix of texture was quite something to be seen: baroque velvet in rich greens and reds and oversized at that – fit for a king – contrasted with sheer detailing on the reverse. Black and white crochet shapes shone through the larger headpieces, lining the collection with a grace and space. The heavier winter fabrics were juxtaposed against delicate sheer appliqué dresses, the ultimate highlight. These were for Rocha’s innocents with the Valentino couture-esque detailing, one with a long angelic skirt, one with a full hoop, first on my wish list.

Each of the girls on John Rocha’s runway today as a flower. Delicate and dainty or layers upon layers of netting, mesh and heavy ruffle, the flowers bloomed across Somerset House this afternoon.

And just as we’d got comfy (and a little drier), it was over. A little couture like handiwork never hurts on a soggy Saturday, does it?


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