London Fashion Week Day 2: SORAPOL

If this review was to concisely express my raw and initial feelings as I left the Royal College of Surgeons after Sorapol’s show last night, you would be staring at a blank page. Because, truth be told, I was completely speechless.

However, this would prove an utter waste of your time, and your aim of finding out just what this incredible catwalk collection was like would not be met. So, I will attempt to paint a picture of the spellbinding show that I was lucky enough to witness. Opening with a dark and dramatic film on a giant screen at the back of the hall, the gothic mix of knives, and a sensual blonde lady reminding me slightly of a ‘Twilight’ vibe, it was more theatrical performance than fashion show. I didn’t quite know what to expect once the gripping, but slightly disturbing film had ended, but I certainly didn’t think I would be seeing a naked lady, silk attached to her arms and various other points of her body, making her way down the catwalk in an almost dancelike fashion.

One could be fooled into thinking that this was actually a set of costumes for a new fantasy film or dark fairy-tale. Black, witchlike dresses accompanied by pointed, sequined hats were followed by floor-length Tim Burton-like designs which left the audience in awe. The floral set design and Neon Jungle Music created a magical atmosphere which perfectly matched the completely OTT but absolutely stunning outfits. The star of the show HAS to be a pink-hued floor-length dress which took glitter to an entirely new level (I’m surprised the FROW managed to keep their shades off). If the applause that ensued as that dress took to the runway is anything to go by, then I would take a guess that the majority of the audience would agree with the fact that this dress stole the show. As catwalks go, Sorapol’s was an utter experience: it was just as much about the atmosphere and the theatre as the outfits. Granted, the show had you on the edge of your seat (or would have done if I’d have had the fortune of not merely having a standing ticket), and whether it was the skin-tight black and gold uber long dresses, or the nude silk numbers that seemed to frequent the catwalk, every look was a performance, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Tim Burton made a fantasy movie with the collection. If he did, I’d certainly go and see it, simply for the costumes.


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