London Fashion Week Day 3: Mimi Fasi

Upon arrival at Mimi Fasi I was quickly suckered in by the atmosphere- exquisite clothes, beautiful faces and an air of glamour-perhaps slightly singed with envy. I wasn’t so enticed by the hour long wait outside in the cold as the show was starting fashionably late- but eventually I took my mini freebie pot of frozen yoghurt and realised that would be my lot. I blagged a seat in my inadequate student style thrift shop clobber and waited for the show.

As iPhones and cameras were lifted with military precision by the eager audience, the first model descended on the runway, and as a collective we shared a giant sigh of relief. The first thing to feature in the Mimi Fasi ‘Mediterranean poetry’ AW14 collection was a coat. A durable, practical and WARM (hallelujah) wool woven coat in pastel pink. The two coats that opened the show have lost the fur that have dictated as of late (sob) but it is replaced with clean lines, tailoring and sixties inspired class and sass. The excitement wore off the further we got into the show for those concerned with comfort, only one pair of ‘practical’ knee high boots (otherwise delicate heels-sorry) and one scarf featured in the show, perhaps not as cosy as we first thought!

Exotic, nostalgic psychedelic patters and block prints mixed in but with a tamer pallet than the swinging sixties. Dominant hues were pink, grey and purple featured in the many dresses and two-piece combos with busy patterns- even with a splash of orange- yep orange. All the pieces seem to make a statement for winter. Though the colours remain constant, the textures varied from woven wool to satin. Shift dresses made many appearances and other dresses were satin, but fortunately tights were the saving grace- blues, greys and purples are all good… The models’ make up was kept fresh, a nude lip but with some dramatic shadowing on the eyes, with envy inducing lashes- this teamed with the universal beehive up do worked beautifully- elegant and vintage.

One might (obviously) say the models and outfits had a sort of ‘oh me? Yeah I rolled out of bed like this’ vibe around them, which I appreciated. The collection was very feminine with the satin, the pinks and the dresses but still really wearable for a kind of masculine clothes lover like me. The dress that absolutely stole the show: strappy satin shift dress topped with a layer of flowing grey material- heartbreakingly beautiful.




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