London Fashion Week Day 2: 1205

Listen up guys, because you need to know about Paula Gerbase’s label 1205. There’s something incredibly chic about simple, pared back clothing. I’m partial to wearing all black or sometimes navy when I’m feeling adventurous, but even then my outfit will be very tonal. 1205 offers exactly that but with small, subtle twists that can take that minimalist style just a step further.

The inspiration behind the Savile Row trained designer was the seaside town of St Ives. Gerbase presented us with textured fisherman knits, nautical Breton stripes and aubergine oilskin jacket and top and trousers with large silhouettes. My favourites where the oversized, loose fitting coats that are so trans-gender and seem just perfect for this horrendous weather we’ve been having. It’s almost like a socially acceptable way of wearing a cozy blanket in public. The best outfit was, in my opinion, an example of perfect layering – a white grandpa collar shirt, navy cardigan, a cropped leather blazer, loose fitting grey tweed-y trousers and awesome black patent flapped loafers (worn by all the models).

Gerbase had some male models walking down her catwalk, but it was difficult to pick out pieces that were specifically designed for a gender. That’s what I love so much. Gender specific clothes are slowly making their way out and, I say, good riddance! Women have been exploring menswear style for decades, why can’t men have their go? I’m not saying men should wear J.W.Anderson minis from his menswear collection from AW13, but is it such a stretch for a man to wear a navy cardigan that could so easily be mistaken for menswear?


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