Simon Drake’s House of Magic

At the moment it seems very ‘trendy’ if you can perform some sort of magic; there has been a considerable surge in magic and illusionist acts reappearing on TV – it’s as though they’re pulling them out of a hat or something? (Sorry).

Shit puns aside, whilst Dynamo is wowing people from their sofas and David Blaine is devising his latest ‘I’m going to bury myself under a mountain guarded by a minotaur and attempt to escape only using my right eyelid’ stunt, I have had a genuine see-it-for-yourself close up magic experience. Better still it is here in London. Simon Drake’s House of Magic is located, wait, I can’t tell you because it’s a secret (it’s already good isn’t it?)

On arriving at the unassuming building we  clambered through ‘The Enchanted Garden’ which looks like some sort of mythical woodland elfish Kingdom – but far more eerie.  Seeing as we managed the anxious walk into the house itself we immediately decided to purchase a gin and tonic. This probably took far more time than necessary as the gothic interior of the house is very distracting – beautiful in fact.

The evening promised to be the embodiment of a suave, of an enigmatic and of a fun wine filled night. I don’t want to spoil things for anyone intending to visit so I shall only give a brief rundown of the events of the evening. Prior to the show there is an opportunity to have a tour of the haunted cellar in the house, or to sit on the soothsayer’s whispering chair before dinner – which by the way was a delicious two course dinner – really homemade like a mamma used to (i.e. great nourishment for us students). Whilst we’re on the subject of student I’d like to bring up the price, I know usually we don’t like to part with cash (it’s pricey) but you’re allowed to splash out every few months, right? I promise, double double promise that you’ll love it. It’s £45 for dinner, the show and everything in between, which to be fair sounds about the same as you’d spend on a night out anyway!

Returning to the evening, we had dinner in the drawing room, which looked quintessentially 1920’s but with a Houdini style cryptic twist (it just so happened that we ended up dining with guys who worked for the MOD – that certainly spiced dinner up!) As a sort of warm up to Simon’s show, he had magicians circulating doing really close magic at the table, and at first I had this horrid image of the guy your cousin enlists for her engagement party to miserably circle tables with – surprise – your card is on top. These guys were phenomenal and were probably worth the money alone, but they were only leading up to the crescendo – Simon’s show! I was astonished at the stunts, magic, illusions (whichever term is most endearing). It’s almost impossible for me to say anything else without blabbing, except it created the most thrilling evening I have had in a long time and I only wish it lasted longer. Simon Drake’s House of Magic is a genuine all-rounder, it’s an original experience and night out, and as you can tell I am going to insist that you go!

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