Bestival Desert Island Disco Pre-Bash

10151661_379695048835550_106390440_nIn a real CUB scoop, we managed to get in contact with the lovely people from Bestival, meaning that this lucky journo was able to head down to their Desert Island Disco pre-party at the Bussey building in Peckham.

 And what a party it was.

The split-level event – complete with smoking area! – was the perfect venue for a pre-Bestival bash. Instantly creating a sweet festival feel, you knew that  for the long-haul, 10pm until 5am, the kind where you can get real messy. Since I was flying solo (seems I’m the only third year who thinks it’s a good idea to go for a night out a month before Uni finishes!) I was a little worried about trying to look normal whilst bobbing about on the dancefloor with no one around.

Bestival. Image: Mike Martin.
Bestival. Image: Mike Martin.

Despite my worst fears however, the vibes were so good that being on my tod was not a problem at all – the usual Bestival in-it-together feel radiating throughout the night.

Girls were complementing  and holding the door closed for one another in the loos, bar staff chatted to me when they spotted my awkward stand-by-the-bar-and-stare stance and I even gave my number out a couple of times (eyooooo, thanks Bestival.) What’s more, the live bands were a perfect, hand-picked selection, complete with lashings of dancey, teen angst . Goth girls were going mad at the front row for the adorable yet angry The Wytches and Wild Smiles had me itching for Summer with their moody, 60’s California sound.

Bestival. Image: Mike Martin.
Bestival. Image: Mike Martin.

Down the stairs at about 1.30 I somehow managed to bump into some people I had met in Latin America (as is always the way with Bestival!) so I could venture out to throw some shapes. And boy were some shapes thrown with Run Tingz Cru going on at 3am. The party showed no times of stopping as I sidled out at 4. Swathes of sweating teenagers were still moving from upstairs to downstairs then straight back up so as not to miss out on the danceworthy sets at either end.

And so, as you can probably gather, I had an absolute hoot at Bestival’s Desert Island Disco pre-party bash…so much so I’m typing this in bed at 5pm the next day still wearing my pleather skirt from the night before.

Thank you Bestival, I can’t wait to be stranded on the Isle of Wight this September!


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