East vs West London: a battle of fashion

We’ve all heard of the North-South divide.  It is a topic of debate forever ongoing, consuming the mind of the nation.  But once you hit the capital, it is no secret that the real battle is East to West.  The divide exists between the food, nightlife and the fashion.

In East London, anything goes.  For those that apply the ‘rules are made to be broken’ mantra to your wardrobes, East London is the place to be.  Head to Shoreditch’s Kingsland Road and the competition for individuality begins.  A multi-coloured boiler suit with platform Doc Martens?  Totally okay.  A homemade newspaper dress?  Acceptable.  A Macklemore-style fur coat?  Even better.  By no means is it a prerequisite to push fashion boundaries that far if you frequent the East, but creativity is key.  And lucky for us QM lot living on student budgets, East London is the perfect place for affordable fashion.  If you are looking for a bargain, look no further than the one pound vintage kilo sales that continually pop up in E1.

Take the central line westbound and fashion looks rather different.  We enter a world where the motto is more like ‘West is best’.  Fashion is West London is a glossier affair – classier, some might say, and more chic.  If you were considering walking the Kings Road in your pyjamas, think again.  We’re talking salon blow-dried locks, perfectly manicured nails, oversized sunnies and the latest designer tote bag.  Totes, babes.  Expensive brands are routine and Hermes is practically high street.

But I believe in a happy medium.  For those of us not wanting to pop some tags in the thrift shop, or not keen on splashing the cash on designer wear, W1’s Oxford is the perfect middle ground.  With such extremities in the fashion capital, it is sometimes easy to forget that the high street even

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