Greater London in even greater confusion

I’m about to make a bold statement.  You don’t have to agree, but I’m feeling confident. This past week has been a bad week for London fashion.  Not just fashion, but style too has jumped out the window.  And I’ve figured out why.  You see, Londoners are confused and it’s all because of the great British weather.

May proved a total tease, showing promising signs of a beautiful hot summer, and last week the sandals came out from the back of the cupboard.  One couldn’t walk far without seeing at least a few denim jackets.  But obviously, it couldn’t last.  Just as soon as we were used to the marvellous weather, the country threw a curveball and we were stuck dealing with hot days then mild days.  Add to it dark, gloomy clouds and the odd shower, and that’s British weather 101.

At the risk of sounding like a weather girl, I’ll bring us back round to today.  I have made the firm decision that everyone is just plain confused.  Its hard getting dressed when you don’t know what’s the sky’s going to do!  Just this morning I’ve seen men in smart suits, accompanied, less pleasingly, by drab and dodgy anoraks.  Countless ladies are back in opaque tights and winter boots.  June is right here, right now, and what should be an effortless seasonal wardrobe switch has turned into a daily battle.  Whichever option you go for, nothing is quite right.  Wearing your florals and bright prints is all very well in good – because after all, they are for the summer months – but then covering them up with your winter coat again?  I’m not keen.

In the interest of offering a solution, I’ve done some research.  Even if it feels like the weather is winning 1-0, Zara has the answer.  (As ever, let’s not act too surprised.)  A lightweight parka might seem strange as the weather tips and turns like a ship out to sea, but it’s key to fixing London’s current fashion wobble.  They’ve got a few in stock – good old Zara – ranging in colour and impact on your wallet.  You might baulk at that £69.99 price tag, but I believe in investment.  And given the weather’s changeable mind, that’s just the investment you need to make.

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