Single Review: Kasabian ‘Eez-eh’

Here is a musical odd one out quiz: horsemeat, cobras, Google and sour milk. Care to guess? Allow me, it’s the horsemeat.

The satirical lyrics about the meat-scandal from last year are the only ones from the list that were omitted from the final version of Kasabian’s new track, ‘Eez-eh’.  If you haven’t heard it yet, here is a snippet of the lyrics, ‘There’s cobras in the mosh pit/ finally we’ve lost it/ every day is brutal now we’re being watched by Google/ Gotta keep it simple…’. I couldn’t hear the rest because my cringe-fuelled cry was too loud.

Lead singer, Tom Meighan has described the track as ‘A comic, cartoonish song: a ridiculous rant inspired by conversations the band had at five or six in the morning.’ OH REALLY, might you have all been under the influence as well, Tom? Anyway, hardcore fan disappointment aside, it got me thinking why ‘Eez-eh’ is just so hard to swallow.

Music for most of us, is something that is easy to connect with, it is nice to know someone has been roaring more than you (Adele) or are as just as sassy as you (Destiny’s Child), but on a more serious level, politics and satire fall under the umbrella of relatable music topics too- just think of The Doors or Pink Floyd. It has been easy to slot Kasabian’s previous material into these categories, but it seems that from the insight ‘Eez-eh’ has given us, this album may not be.

I’ve exerted a lot of energy into deciphering the driving force behind ‘Eez-eh’, and I have come up with a few options.  It is difficult to accept that this is the best satirical take a bunch of thirty-somethings can muster up about the world around them, so is it an ironic thing? Alternatively, it could be about revamping their image; all of their albums prior to this one introduce new sounds, so that’s plausible too.

Or, it could be the opposite: if you ignore the lyrics, ‘Eez-eh’ represents a shift back to their debut album with a greater electro-soul orientation than the melancholy West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. The sound that accompanies the lyrics is jagged and very Saturday-night-drunk-dancey and the little bit where it all kicks in around the chorus is irrepressibly catchy.

This is indeed controversial stuff before their big headline slot at Glastonbury. Just in time, the forthcoming fifth album is due for release on the ninth of June. The record is titled 48.13 after its running time, in keeping with the simplicity of their new material. Although ‘Eez-eh’ is not their best, and it certainly won’t be another ‘Take Aim’ for me, I think the new album will be something none of us were expecting: Kasabian seem to be taking a ‘less is more’ approach.

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