10 Fashion Struggles of Being a #smallgirl at QMUL

1) Shopping at Westfield Stratford is a work out

Do you really think I can reach that t-shirt that is practically hanging from the ceiling?




2) Being told you look cute at Hail Mary

Even though you would rather describe your look as grown up, feminine and sexy.



3) Trying to find a crop top to wear in summer for revision by the canal

Your abs could be as toned as ever from working out at QMotion but there’s no way of finding a crop top that is actually cropped enough to show them off.



4) Maxi dresses are just as difficult

Want one for the QM Sports Ball? Fat chance of finding one that doesn’t drown you.



5) And so it’s important to find a tailor to cater to your short girl problems

That’s an extra £15 out of your overdraft. Anyone know of any good tailors in Mile End?



6) You strut around campus in heels

Heeled boots, wedge trainers, stilettos… the lot. You’re great at magically going from a 5ft 2 kinda girl to a 5ft 6 kinda girl, but your feet certainly pay the price. Ouch!



7) Age 12 clothes in the kids section fit you better than adult sizes

Shame that by the age of 18+, most of you are no longer interested in rocking up to a lecture wearing clothes with Hello Kitty or One Direction on them.



8) The choice of clothes in the petite section of Topshop Oxford Circus is limited

Yeah thanks Topshop in Oxford Circus (the largest fashion store in the world) for that small section in the corner.



9) Infusion doesn’t stock your size

Your dream to wear QMUL branded clothing is often shattered by the fact that Infusion doesn’t ever seem to stock small sizes.



10) Will your graduation gown even fit you?

A constant question that lingers at the back of every QMUL short girl’s mind.



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