10 Ways to Enjoy a Sober Fresher’s

1. Flat Fun: You’ll be living with these guys for the best part of a year, so the best way to break the ice is with a pack of cards. If the games turn into drinking games, swap your shot for a forfeit?


2. Takeaway Night: Almost every fresher will be cooking for themselves for the first time, but why not give yourself a break and order in a takeaway?


3. Explore: Now is the best time of the year to explore before the influx of essays and exams start to pile up. Let your inner tourist loose round London.


4. Subject Socials: Obvious, but the people on your course are likely to share something in common with you. Go to as many events as possible that your department have arranged!


5. Fresher’s Fair: Get talking to the older students who run the stalls who will be able to give you more advice on places to visit and events you may not have heard about.


6. Shopping: Although your first instalment from student finance may have made you feel richer than Croesus, this is not an excuse to go on a shopping spree. Instead, head out to Sainsbury’s and attempt your weekly shop. Take a flat mate to share meal ideas and seek out bargains.


7. Enjoy the scenery: Take time out to have a peaceful walk or take some friends and head out for a picnic. Mile End and campus itself has a lot to offer, Brick Lane, the Jewish Cemetery, Victoria Park…


8. Movie Marathon: In your pj’s or if you fancy making a night of it, head to Genesis, aka world’s best cinema for a screening, fully compatible with student discount. Don’t forget the popcorn… and the sweets and the hot dog.


9. Theatre anyone?: Leicester Square box office can provide you with cheaper tickets on the day if there are any spare seats. If you fancy a bit of Shakespeare, tickets for the Globe are only £5. You can even enjoy rehearsals completely free.

Toy Camera: The Globe

10. Let your hair down: No one will notice if there’s no rum in your coke, and you still get to enjoy yourself. If you’re comfortable with a night out with other friends drinking, then having a sober head around can never be a bad thing…


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