11 things to avoid during Freshers’ Week

Hold it! Before you step out in those high-heels (NB: go for flats, trust me) and prepare to lose your inhibitions, make sure you’re clued up on the things that you really might not want to do during Fresher’s week…

1)    Dont sit back and expect people to flock to you. No one is going to sense your fun vibes from the other end of Drapers where you’re stood looking ‘cool’ (and unapproachable).

2)    Dont presume that there is a cool clique at university. Don’t attempt to find them. Surprise! There is no hierarchy in this magical place. Talk to everyone!

3)    Don’t cast someone off seconds after saying ‘hi’. Some people may seem closed-off at first, but once they open up you’ll realise that they’re just as craaaaaaay as you are.

4)    Don’t be inconsolable if you don’t find your perfect ‘Friends’-style clique. If the week doesn’t live up to your expectations, just remember that you have a long time after it to meet any budding Chandlers and Joeys and Monicas (‘COASTERS!’).

5)    Don’t use your drunkenness as an excuse for things. The ‘I was drunk, sorry’line is an incredibly empty one, my friend. Those shots you downed won’t always excuse your behaviour.

6)    Don’t try and be someone you aren’t. The truth always comes out in the end regardless of how Oscar-worthy your performance is. Your new BFF won’t be pleasedwhen it turns out that your dad actually isn’t a billionaire sheikh and you don’t actually know Beyoncé.

7)    Don’t forget to join societies. Some may ridicule and some scoff, but it actually is a brilliant way to find people with mutual interests and form a whole new friendship group.

8)    Don’t do anything stupid after you’ve had a few drinks in a bid to impress. It may seem hilarious when you’re hella drunk, but the morning after (and the next three days) will be spent in absolute embarrassment.

9)    On the subject of showing off, don’t stray from your limits. If you know that the next double will result in a violent chunder-sesh, bow out with dignity. Nobody wants to be exposed to the contents of your dinner.

10)    Don’t spend your entire student loan in one week. It is indeed tempting, but living off baked beans and rice for the rest of the semester really isn’t.

11)     Don’t forget that Freshers is only one week of your three years at university. Just because it doesn’t go as well as you may have wanted, doesn’t mean further education isn’t for you

1 thought on “11 things to avoid during Freshers’ Week

  1. With only forty something days left til’ Freshers ’14, It’s more than safe to say that these 11 tips on things to avoid during freshers have joined my ‘Top Not To Do’s Priority List’ for September!

    Thank-you Maansi Kalyan!

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