15 ways to spot an Arts student

Being an art’s students has its perks. From literature and art to history or politics. Art students all share the joys of degrees that are stimulating and highly intellectual. It is considered vital that during your degree you must have read a thick book under the gaze of Clement Attlee right outside Ground. It is also imperative that you moan and compete about said reading at every opportunity you get. Yet, if you don’t think you abide to any of these romantic notions of an Arts student, the following is probably what you can be spotted wearing around campus.

1. Anything grey, navy, dark blue or dark maroon goes down a treat

2. When you’re not wearing jeans, you’re probably wearing leggings

3. When it’s too hot to wear ripped Topshop jeans, you get extra creative and wear ripped denim shorts

4. Or leggings


5. For the literature students, summer is a great time to exhibit your Elizabeth Bennet inspired dress.


6. It is acceptable to wear this dress in autumn too


7. Summer is also a great time to show off your 1920’s inspired headpiece.

8. Your beloved Doc Martin’s are only ever exchanged for your beloved brogues.

9. A cheeky satchel bag that can never be done up because of all the books bursting out of it is a must

10. It is agreed that removing your quirky sunglasses from Spitalfields market to see the lecture PowerPoint is a painful thin style_cubfeed_photo_2_fuckyesreactiongifs.tumblr.com:page:4

11. You either do or have considered wearing glasses that aren’t even prescribed to you to give you that edge


12. One day boho chic, the next day preppy just illustrates the flexibility of your style sense.

13. Walking into a seminar with your denim jacket dripping in rain is the perfect indirect way of saying you haven’t done your reading.

14. You’re fashion idols range from Blair Waldorf to Daisy Buchanan and possibly Madonna in her prime


15. But all in all, you swear upon your own unique style because you’re all fiercely different. Except for your shared opinion on jelly shoes. You hate jelly shoes.



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