8 thoughts that go through every QM student’s mind whilst getting ready for Hail Mary

We all know the feeling. It’s that last Wednesday of the month, which only means one thing: Hail Mary. Choosing what to look like and wear to Hail Mary can often be difficult. Do you want to play it cool because it’s just Hail Mary or should you make a little effort because you’ll inevitability see everyone you know? CUB therefore brings to you 8 thoughts that go through every QM girl and boy’s mind whilst getting ready for Hail Mary.

1)   Girl & Boy: No one cares what you look like at Hail Mary right?


2)   Girl:…But then again that really hot guy on the rugby team will probably be there so I can’t be looking like I just rolled out of bed
Boy:…But then again I want to be in with a chance of pulling that stunner from QM Angels

3)   Girl & Boy: And I suppose I want to look good so I don’t die of shame whilst looking through the photos that are bound to appear on Facebook in the morning


4)   Girl: White/cream/anything remotely light in colour? Hell no…how will I remove the red beer stains in the morning?Boy: Red beer stains? None of my clothes are clean anyway – haven’t done my laundry in about 3 weeks

5)   Girl: Should I wash my hair? Nah, what’s the point in making all that effort when it can be washed in the sweet smelling alcohol that will inevitably shower me in the queue for the bar
Boy: Should I even shower at all? Hail Mary is the sweatiest night of the month anyway so what’s the point?


6)   Girl: Should I bring a jacket? It might be pretty cold standing in that long queue in the rain… but then do I really want to be an extra -£1 into my overdraft to pay for the cloak room… f**k it I’ll freeze
Boy: Should I bring a jacket? No…need the extra £1 to go towards buying girls drinks

7)   Girl: I guess something clingy/too tight is out of the question…my Dixie chicken food baby will definitely need hiding at 2am
Boy: The tighter the better…I’ve been lifting weights at Qmotion for the past month and Hail Mary is the time to show these guns off

8)   Girl & Boy: Why do I even care that much?! It’s only Hail Mary



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