5 Fashion Stereotypes You’ll Find on Campus

  1. ‘Just off to the gym’


These are the girls we see attending every lecture in their gym-kit, attempting to suggest that they spend all their free time exercising. However, unlike when the average person works-out (resulting in a beetroot-red face, matted hair, and a lot of sweat), they display perfect mascara, a hint of natural blush and slicked back hair. Kitted with lycra bottoms that can’t be moved in, and a cropped vest holding boobs perfectly in place, it is clear that they have not even walked into uni. It’s highly unlikely that they even own a Qmotion membership, possibly because they’ve spent their whole student loan on Victoria Secret and Juicy Couture sweats.


2. ‘Why are lectures so early?’


These are the group of people that wake 5 minutes before a lecture starts. They’re either in pyjamas or a onesie with static hair and makeup from the previous night. On a good day they will be wearing a matching pair of shoes. The reason these people stand out is purely because they still manage to enter lectures late!


3. ‘Oh yeah I just woke up like this’


These are almost identical to the ones above except they woke up three hours earlier. In an attempt to look like they don’t care, their hair is perfectly messed-up (using a can of spray and clipped into place) and their accompanying eye makeup has been expertly smudged. This fashion involves deliberately ripped jeans or tights, an ‘old’ jumper that actually cost £60 from Topshop, and boots with ‘accidental’ odd laces.


4. American


Queen Mary has many study-abroad students, but what distinguishes the Americans is their style. The girls attempt the ‘so British’ look, with a Hamley’s Handbag and modelling their image on Kate Middleton – little do they know the royal family don’t exactly represent the average person. These students are also the only ones on campus with large bags from Zara, not Primark. The American style is not complete without wearing a scarf all year round, reminding us how cold Britain is.


5. Hipster


On your first day on campus, you will panic that you have been transported to the 1990s, and are surrounded by people that work in I.T. Do not panic – this is simply ‘Hipster fashion’. The rules for Hipsters are: you never buy new; you cover your face (hat, facial-hair, glasses without lenses are all acceptable); you must always have a cigarette in mouth/hand/behind ear and you must live part-time in the East End thrift store. Warning – this look may cause infertility in males due to wearing female skinny-jeans.






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