5 Great Summer Film Characters

Summer is a time for catching up with friends, family get-togethers, holidays away, and enjoying the carefree happiness it brings with it, right?

While we always hope these go to plan, they often don’t and it can take some time before we look back on these memories and laugh. Fortunately no one is alone when summer doesn’t go as planned, because as these great summertime characters reveal, even if you’re not laughing at the misfortunes, somewhere someone else is.

1. Megan, Bridesmaids (2012) – Melissa McCarthy

Megan made audiences cry laughing in Summer 2011, and Melissa McCarthy has certainly kept the comedies coming since: This is 40 (2012), The Heat (2013) and Identity Thief (2013). If you are attending a wedding this summer or even just taking a trip away with friends, Bridesmaids is at hand to teach you what not to do: get drunk after boarding the plane, give a really short dull toast, and eat at fancy restaurants (after all vomiting stories are always funnier). As a scene stealer with her eccentric dialogue and physical comedy, Megan is a great ballsy, outside-of-the-box character to revisit this summer. She’s just so bendy.

Make sure to check out McCarthy’s latest film Tammy (2014) this summer!


2. Dory, Finding Nemo (2003) – Ellen Degeneres

No one is willing to admit that it has been eleven years since Finding Nemo. Surprisingly you only have to wait two more years until Finding Dory! While it is young Nemo who struggles to find his way back to the Great Barrier Reef and reunite with his father, Ellen Degeneres’ voiceover as Dory undoubtedly offers the most entertaining and memorable dialogue in the Disney Pixar animation; there is no need to venture out with your snorkelling gear this Summer when life beneath the surface can come to you. Why is Dory such a likeable summer character? She’s persistent, she’s willing to help a lost stranger (helpful for summer tourists in London!), and is utterly oblivious to her own misfortune. Sometimes we all need a friend like Dory to just keep swimming.


3. Jim Levenstein, American Pie (1999) & American Pie 2 (2001) – Jason Biggs

Jim Levenstein additional joins the list because unlike Dory, everyone remembers that one time at band camp…

The series of American Pie films allows audiences to observe Jim mature, but not before witnessing his embarrassment of growing up. In the summer following his first year at university, American Pie 2 reveals there is still a lot of life lessons to learn. By American Reunion (2012), those lessons may have been learnt, but for students out there, it will only make you grateful you are still in the bubble of university and not ‘the real world’. As the quiet, nerdy yet sweet trombone player, Jim brings a nostalgic tone of adolescence to summer, great for screening with a gathering of old friends.


4. Olive, Little Miss Sunshine (2006)– Abigail Breslin

Long road trips with your family this summer will never be quite as eventful as Olive’s. If her adorably dorky glasses and colourful sense of fashion don’t make you instantly want to be her best friend, then maybe her determination in the pursuit of a goal and utter disregard of bikini season just might. While everyone enjoys having a little extra time over summer to catch up with family, Little Miss Sunshine reminds audiences that they might not if their families were as dysfunctional as this. In embracing the unconventional, there is much to admire in Olive.


5. The Joker, The Dark Knight (2008) – Heath Ledger

Even though the ‘anarchist mastermind known only as the joker’ may not be the first character to pop into audiences heads when considering summer, there are more seasonal qualities to the Joker than the blockbuster’s July 2008 release date. As tends to happen when the sun creeps out, Brits transform from layered-up winter hermits, to sun-adoring, skin-revealing creatures, and in The Dark Knight Heath Ledger certainly undergoes a significant physical and vocal transformation. No one wants the stress of drama in summer, so perhaps it’s the perfect time to watch some. The Joker brilliantly reminds audiences, if you can’t smile in summer, at least paint one on.





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