5 Style Essentials for Backpacking Life

We only spend around 7 months of our year actually attending lectures and writing assignments. So what do we do with all that free time?

In an ideal world I’m sure we’d all be travelling!  So if you have managed to get time off from your summer job and have a well-deserved break from internships then here is a list of must have items.  We’ve worried about the style side of things so all you have to do is enjoy your travels and ‘find yourself’ with the comfort of knowing you still look good!

We all dread that moment when you have to put your bag on scales so all of these items are chosen because they are light weight to try and relieve the baggage allowance anxiety we get.

1. Wrap skirt.

It’s a dreaded thought but who knows what weight you will gain (noooooo) or lose (woooooo) while travelling? You’re eating a mixture of different cuisines and I guess drinking A LOT so this skirt is perfect for any kind of weight fluctuation. You can stay comfortable in this skirt and tighten it as much as you want to. This way you can focus on getting your instagram photo next to the Eiffel tower or Leaning Tower of Pisa without spending half the morning in a hostel trying to do the buttons up on your shorts. The slit that creates the wrap allows a bit of a breeze to come through so acclimatising to the heat should be easier! Whilst also adding to the sex appeal by revealing a hint of leg when you want to.  You can get short or long ones of these but a maxi version may be ideal for the evenings if it gets a bit chillier.


2. A flowy short dress

This will be perfect for when you want to show off the tan you’re getting- its important that you choose a dress that looks good with and without a belt because then it will look like two different outfits so you’re not as conscious of outfit repeats on your Facebook photos. When you want to dress it up add the belt to show off more of your shape and then on a day where you’re just strolling to the beach you can throw it on and make it look more casual.


3. Tangle Teezer- Hairbrush-

Ok so this must-have strays away from the clothes side of things but unless you’re planning on letting your hair form into dread locks this lightweight hair brush is an absolute must. You may find yourself jumping off cliffs, swimming in oceans or even riding vespas. All things that will give your hair the worst knots ever! This brush makes getting rid of those knots that much less painful and doesn’t leave your hair looking like frizz galore at the end. (Also bring a deep conditioner to just leave in so your locks glisten in the sun instead of looking like a hot mess). 

4. A floppy sun hat.

Your young holiday memories probably include the annoying cry of your mum saying to wear a hat and stop your head from burning. At that time it was a burden, but don’t we all love them now? You can choose the perfect style for you and they’re just as important for practical reasons as they are for enhancing your instagram photos. They complete the look, can be folded up and weigh almost nothing so there’s no excuse to not bring one!


5. Harem trousers (Baggy trousers)

Not just a Madness song these loose fitting trousers will be an absolute must have. They’re comfy, stylish and everywhere for reasonable prices- seriously we can’t ask for more! They’re also breezy which helps you avoid the sweaty betty look and they allow you to cover up a respectful amount in some countries with different cultures. Furthermore you can get edgy, tribal prints and tie dye ones that just complete the whole ‘I’m a backpacker look.’ How can you not pack these?

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