5 Ways to Avoid Writer’s Block

Writer’s block doesn’t have to be a crippling vacuum for your creativity – but it does make us want to throw our laptops or notebooks out of the library window. Dolly Garland has five ways to avoid the dreaded writer’s block below.

  1. Write Yourself Out

Set a timer for twenty minutes and try a free writing exercise. Write about anything that comes to your mind. You could pick a title of an existing story and start writing from that. Write a poem. Write an article. Write in your journal. Just keep writing, until writing feels like something you do, instead of something you have to think about doing.

  1. Read Stuff That Inspires You

Get your favourite books out. Re-discover them. Feel the joy of getting lost in beautiful writing. Read about writers from other writers. Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ is a great example of a book that rarely fails to inspire, whether or not you like reading his novels.

  1. Watch a TED Talk

TED Talks are great for inspiration because you can see people all around the world, doing amazing things, and be encouraged by their passion and enthusiasm. Watch a TED Talk when you need a motivational kick and you’ll feel like you can do anything.

  1. Make a List

List-making is a fun and easy way to get into a creative mode. Make a list of potential titles for your articles, poems or stories. Make a list of character names and traits. Make a list of phrases you could use. Make a list of random words. Use these lists as stepping stones and you’ll be inspired to use material for your writing projects.

  1. Move Your Body

Your body and mind are connected. Keep your body active and healthy and keep the blood and oxygen flowing – and your creativity will get a major boost. If you can’t get into writing, go for a long, brisk walk and think about your projects or listen to music, and when you get back go straight to your desk and start writing. Words will flow.

Which methods do you use to avoid or overcome writer’s block? Share it with us in the comments below!


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