7 Instagram Fashion Bloggers You MUST Follow

Instagram has not only made photographers out of all of us but, most importantly, it has changed the way we interact with each other on another social platform. Every experience can now be photographed and uploaded. It has become a tool for breaking news (Beyoncé used it to surprise the world with her visual album) and a window for emerging talent adding onto the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Fashion wise I predict we may soon see models signed by instagram in the near future (copyright this idea here). It is very time consuming going onto each individual fashion bloggers site to see their new looks so I find instagram much easier and much more personal. Going through my instagram timeline is like going through a page of a magazine (with the occasional meme and Google quote). Instagram not only saves time but also gives a bigger diverse blogger hemisphere – bloggersphere, all by just scrolling down. With so many different fashion bloggers to follow, here is a list to start you on your instagram blogger fashion journey. These style insta-cons must be followed. So get your phones out and search the following.   1)      Tia  Ward / @misstpw Model and blogger, Tia’s style is the most diverse of the list. One-day boho chic the next day tribal print. She is both classy and sassy. Not to mention, she also happens to be dating Reggie Yates, which makes for not only cute pictures with her beau but allows insight into events like Fern Cottons wedding. style_photo_6a   2)      Aimee Song / @songofstyle Californian born and raised, owner of Songs of Styles, and interior designer Aimee Song is causing havoc everywhere she goes (and if her instagram is anything to go by she travels a lot). Her style is what I would call versatile and sophisticated. Clean cut dresses, prints, bikinis and spectacular California views embodies her and her account. And if you can’t get enough of one Song, her sister Dani also has an account (@songdani) to fill your timeline with more delicious clothes and macaroons. style_photo_6b   3)      Diana Safira / @dssaaksss The most glamorous Hijabi Ever. Diana Safira is an Indonesian born blogger who jet sets around the world to locations that will have you lusting over both scenery and style. Blazers, neon shoes, clutch bags to die for. She is bold and modest. Elegant and daring. Wearing a Hijab means a lot to her as she says, “My hijab is a part of me that I deeply treasure; it’s not only a part of my style but also my life.” And she is stunning with it. style_photo_6c   4)      Rachel Tamsin Tyler / @rachelteetyler Street blogger like no other. Lipstick connoisseur. Ankle boots galore. From all the way in Sydney comes our fourth blogger you must follow. Rachel’s style is encapsulated in three words, ‘ so damn cool’. Not only does she make you want to hop on a treadmill to get killer abs to rock the midriff, she will also want to make you strike poses outside Dixy’s or any street corner. style_photo_6d   5)      Joshua Kissi /@streetetiquette This one is for the boys. Meet street fashion entwined with art. The pictures are both visually aesthetic and absolutely stunning. Joshua Kissi showcases simple styles in a way that makes it look incredible, which of course, is what fashion is all about. Follow to spice up your instagram timeline. style_photo_6e   6)      Natasha Ndlovu / @natashandlovu Multi lingual, model and owner of Bisous Natasha a fashion and lifestyle blog, Natasha is the up and coming Naomi Campbell. She is feminine and bold. Her tailored blazers and elegant dresses give her a sophisticated allure whilst still maintaining a youthful glow. style_photo_6f   1)      Alanna Durkovich / @xandervintage Alanna is here not just because of her amazing hair. She’s made the list for her talent at having such impeccable style. Having encountered her first on Lookbook.com I went running to her Instagram to get my daily dosage. I was not disappointed. One cannot simply label Alanna’s style as there does not exist a word for a neatly tailored crisp blazer worn with chunky sandals…you’ll notice that if you ever get over the hair. style_photo_6g

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