7 Ways To Deal With Annoying Flatmates

It is often said a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met, and as much as I’d like the optimist inside me to believe this is true, from past experience’s a stranger is just as likely be another annoyance, so here are seven ways to deal with annoying flatmates to ensure you don’t do a 13 to life stretch in the slammer.


#1 “Set some ground rules” Creating boundaries and a basic outline of flat rules can be crucial. Don’t crush the freedom by becoming the flat dictator, just rules as simple as designated fridge space can save countless grievances in the future.

#2 “Learn to let the little things go” What’s worse than the kind of flatmate that leaves the toilet seat up? The kind of flatmate that goes around leaving sticky notes on every surface.

#3 “Try and keep an open dialogue” You might find that you and your flatmates have nothing  to say to one another but don’t take sweet, sweet silence for granted with your flatmates. Just simple exchanges will allow you both to get a vague idea of each other’s plans, allowing you to avoid another awkward encounter in your kitchen, as you desperately try to cook your sachet soup, surrounded by your flatmate and the entirety of the sock-puppet society.


#4 “Be the kind of flatmate you would want to live with” Sometimes the best way to combat an annoying flatmate is with soul crushing kindness, and they’ll find it much harder to steal your last rasher of bacon when their holding one of the cupcakes you made earlier.



#5 “Make your voice heard” When all civilities and kindness fail don’t falter to make your objections heard. Don’t succumb to becoming nothing more than a puddle of politeness and silent despair, make a flat meeting if you have to, to reach that sacred idea, compromise…

#6 “Obtain a Peace Ambassador” Try and find a neutral mediator within the flat that will be the most effective at understanding both sides of the story and resolve the (likely) food based argument.

Angry Woman Slaps Men
#7 “Get out of your flat” Lastly don’t take London for granted. Between and beyond the countless chicken shops of Mile End, lies one of the most exciting cities in the world. Enjoy the vast diversity of people London has to offer.


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